Wednesday, January 23, 2019
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Hey babes! How were your holidays? We had such an amazing Christmas, guys. We traveled around the state, visiting family and it was just such a good time. I just took down all my Christmas decorations and it feels so empty in the house now. *breaks out the spring stuff*

Anywho, today, I'm sharing what the boys received from Christmas/ their faves! I love these kinds of posts because they're so helpful to me when I'm looking for birthday gift suggestions. I'd much rather check out a blogger's faves, y'know?


  • LOL Surprise Dolls - The LOL Surprise Dolls were, hands down, one of both the boy's favorite toys from Santa! They're still playing with them! They had seen them on YouTube (but, of course) and kept asking for them but I had no clue what the heck they were. After they opened them, I completely understand why these were selling off the shelves. So, basically it's a ball. with plastic wrapped around it in multiple layers. Each layer covers a little pocket that, once unwrapped, has a hidden present inside (usually accessories for the doll/animal inside) and then inside the ball is the doll itself. They do have small pieces like shoes and accessories so I don't recommend these for the little guys. I highly recommend these if your children likes those surprise eggs (my kids are obsessed!) and love pretend play. Hunter loves dressing them up and putting them in his cars and driving them around. We also grabbed a few of the LOL Surprise Pets so they like pretending those are the dolls' pets. 
  • DRIVEN Pocket Series ($1.99) - Brody isn't too interested in these mini trucks but Hunter loves these things! Running along the same lines of the "surprise" method, a mini vehicle comes in a small box and it's a surprise to open it and see what you got. It also comes with a few pieces of street you can connect together. I definitely don't recommend this for little ones but I'd say 4+ is a good age.
  • Playmobil - PlayMobil, in general, is a big winner around here! I love them because they bring back allll the nostalgia of when I was little playing with them and the boys love them because they come with the coolest, most detailed little sets. The boys have the ice cream truck, tow truck, school bus and garbage truck. Each one comes with a bunch of little people and accessories to go with them. If you take away the little pieces (they usually come in a little bag), these are great for all ages!
  • Super Monsters Figures - 7 Pack / Super Monsters GrrBus ($49.99/$15.00 -SALE!) - Brody just about freaked with excitement when he saw these under the tree! Both of the boys love Super Monsters but Brody is obsessed. The figures are way bigger than I thought they'd be and moveable heads and arms. The bus is awesome (although it doesn't hold all of the monsters), well made and has a few different sounds it makes. The bus also comes with Lobo!
  • Thomas & Friends TrackMaster Hyper Glow Station ($54.99) - Who doesn't love Thomas?! He's a classic dating back to when I was little and his toys just keep getting cooler and cooler. Take this glow-in-the-dark track set! It's simple and assembly took maybe 10 minutes - maybe more because the boys kept grabbing the pieces to try to put it together themselves! It comes with a glow train that chugs along by itself!
  • Magic Tracks RC Toy Vehicles ($25.99) - The boy's Grandma and Grandpa bought them this for Christmas and it's been so fun to play with. They each got a car and remote to use on the tracks. They do seem to switch on to the same frequency sometimes which can be tough but to be honest, if you have younger kids, they won't even notice because they're going so fast on the track. They can also reverse, beep, play music and hit "turbo mode"!
  • Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition ($69.99) - I'm just going to come out and say it: a tablet/iPad/whatever is a game-changer for parents who just need a second to breathe and I can guarantee the 90's moms would've totally been down with them if they had them. I'm just sayin'. This tablet is great for on the road since it comes with FreeTime Unlimited (free for the first year, $2.99+ every month after that) where you can download shows, apps, books, etc. for them to use offline. I noticed that there's a lot of apps on this tablet like Mini Sago and Toca Boca are free versus on the iPad they're $3.99+! It takes a little finagling if you're used to an iPad but overall, I really like this one!
  • Legos - Yup. The Lego bug has bit Hunter bad! One of his favorite things to do, is compile all his Lego's together to make one big, awesome contraption of some sorts and then bring it into the bathroom to see if it'll sink or float. I have no clue where he got that from but he does it multiple times a day. I love seeing his creativity go wild and Lego's definitely help encourage that!

What toys have been your kid's faves? Do you remember what your favorite toy was?
 I was obsessed with Barbie, Playmobil, Jurassic Park, Bratz, Polly Pockets and American Girl dolls!