Wednesday, January 2, 2019
* Affiliate links used.

Happy New Year everyone! A few weeks ago, Sephora was having their Holiday Sale, where you could get $15 off $75. Naturally, I grabbed my little gift cards and put in an order! I'm already a huge fan of Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks but when I saw the Stila With Flying Colors Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick Set (ON SALE - $27) with colors I didn't already have, it was kind of a no brainer to grab them. Anyone else a fan of minis? I love them because I very rarely wear the same color over and over again so it kinda works for me!


The Stila set comes with six shades of their fabulous Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick formula. Each lipstick is 0.05 fl. oz which might not be much if you have a fave of the bunch but if you're like me and like to sample, you should be in heaven.
  • Fia - a neutral nude.
  • Baci - a nude pink.
  • Patina - a dusty rose.
  • Fiery - a bright red.
  • Rubino - a deep red.
  • Vino - a deep wine.


If you've never tried Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks, than here's a quick low down. The consistency is pretty creamy which is great when you're applying it as it moves around smoothly, giving you a more a precise application. With the Stila liquid lipsticks, I highly recommend exfoliating and applying a lip balm before the liquid lipstick for a less dry feel. Those two pre-application tips totally change the comfortability (is that even a word?) of this lipstick - or any liquid lipstick, for that matter. 

Faves of the bunch? Baci, Fiery and Vino. Troublemakers? Rubino. It applied slightly patchy and unfortunately, I couldn't apply another layer without it getting crumbly.

This set is such an awesome deal if you're looking to sample a few of Stila's shades or if you're like me and can never finish a lipstick. Stila's Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks are some of my fave liquid lipstick formulas as it's creamy enough to hold it's shape and allow you to apply with precision. I personally love the scent (cupcake? cookie?) but I can't tell exactly what it is. It does go away once applied. Lasting power depends on the shade. The lighter shades seemed to fade earlier (around the four hour mark) while the darker colors lasted a bit longer (around five hours to six hours).