Wednesday, March 13, 2019
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I know, I know. Target Tuesday is going up on a Wednesday. I really wanted to get this up ASAP because you all know how much I love saving moola and Target is currently having a small sale of 10% off any shoes (kids, womens, mens) with the Cartwheel app. I'll take a deal - big or small - no matter where I can get it!

Last year, if you were to tell me that I'd be writing a post about shoes, I'd think you were crazy. I was definitely one of those girls that enjoyed flip flops in the summer, Uggs in the fall/winter and was barefoot the rest of the time. And while I still can't wear heels over 3" without looking like a deer on ice, I do love adding cute booties and sandals to my wardrobe - without breaking the bank! 

Target has quite a few super cute women's footwear lines right now with Universal Thread and A New Day, just to name a couple, with their highest price point at about $40 which is totally doable for anyone looking to look like a million bucks...but not spend it. $40 is kind like, the most I would spend, y'know?


Funny story about these boots. I ordered them off Target's website to wear to a country concert but they ended up showing up too late so I took them back because I was trying to adult and not spend money on things I probably wouldn't wear often. Fast forward, a few weeks ago, I was browsing Target's shoes department and lo and behold, these same booties were sitting in front of me, in my size, ON SALE for $10.50! So I grabbed them and bought them and that's the story about how I bought back my return. They come in two colors: black and cognac and are true to size. I love the triple buckle and can totally see these being rocked at country concerts this summer!


Meet the booties I ended up getting when the first ones didn't arrive on time, aren't they adorable? I wore these to a concert at a casino allllll night without one single blister (or Bambi leg incident). They are true to size, the prettiest taupe shade and have an adjustable velcro buckle on the back. I feel like these are the most perfect "transition" bootie as they're fab in the spring and work right into the fall, y'know?