Tuesday, March 5, 2019
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Eeeeee! I have been looking forward to writing this post for a few weeks now. Guys, it's Target Tuesday, a new series on the blog where I take you with me to my home away from home, Target, and share with you my favorite finds, try on seshs, decor tips, Dollar Spot finds, etc. I have so, so many ideas for this series but let me know if you want to see anything special. 

Today, however, I'll just be taking you along with me, as I walk down the aisles, sharing the latest and showing you what caught my eye!


Bullseye's Playground, Dollar Spot, Heaven - it goes by many different names, has many different Facebook groups dedicated to it and is literally the first thing you see when you walk into Target. It's the sweet spot where nothing is over $5 and you can kind of go crazy without spending like crazy. Kind of.

MUST HAVES: Those sweet ceramic plant holders that come in blue, white and orange and salmon, duh. They come in two different sizes - small ($3) and large ($5) and I'm obsessed. I grabbed two of the large white ones! I'm also loving the white hanging plant holders ($5) with faux plants in them, although they did have an empty one hiding in the back where you can put your own in. Also, how adorable are those little gnomes?! 

PS. Who asked for succulents!? The people were like, "OMG TARGET MORE SUCCULENTS." and Target was like, "I gotchu." because holy succulents, guys. You have fake ones, planters to put them in - I mean, it's all there. I love the panda, pineapple and white bird planters ($3), as well as the bright dinosaur planters ($5) that would be perfect for the little babes. You can't really see them but those black circle things in the second picture are plant holders ($5) as well!


Have you guys seen Target's new undies line Auden? I'm pretty sure either they either got rid of their Xhilaration line or it's just the same line under a new name but I'm here for it either way. I'm crushing on that rose bralette. They're all in gorgeous colors, soft materials and fun prints. They're also currently 5 for $20 so go get you some!


Three reasons why I love Wild Fable: 
1. They're ridic cheap. Take these amaze High Rise Mom Jeans that WERE NOT IN MY DAMN SIZE, of course. They're only $22! 
2. They have some fun prints, like this sweater (can't find it online - $29)!
3. They give me allllll the 90's vibes. Which I will always take, thank you very much.


Did you know BaubleBar has a line at Target?! It's called SugarFix by BaubleBar and has a lot of the same fun pieces you'd find online but at a fraction of the price. Let's ignore how my nails badly need a fill and focus on these gorgeous Dramatic Druzy Drop Earrings ($12.99) instead!


My store had some of the new Hearth & Hand Spring/Easter line out so naturally I spent about a half an hour just walking back and forth, with crying kids because they were so over it, just taking in all the milk glass goodness. I'm drooling over the green milk glass cake stand ($29.99) and the green milk glass bowl ($19.99) - but, just in pink - which they have but seems to be online only? Also obsessing over the pot holder two pack ($8.99), the white basket with wooden handle ($9.99) and the wooden bowling set ($24.99).

My Target doesn't have much outdoor furniture set up right now but I don't even need to see anything else. All I want is this  Opalhouse Southport Patio Egg Chair ($299), a coffee and a nice book. ✌

TARGET. You know damn well how big of a mug collection I have and now you came out with these adorable mugs that I can't resist as $4 a pop. HOW DARE YOU. PS. I have my eye on the "I Have A Vocabulary of a Well Educated Sailor" Mug ($4) because if that isn't me, I don't know what is.

I know Makeup Geek has been at Target for a while now but I haven't seen them in person until today! I didn't see anything besides this palette and two other ones but I'm hoping this means we'll see more. This Infatuation Palette ($21.99) is beautiful but I'm drooling over this Summer Surprise Palette more!


I'm not sure who Starbucks is more of a treat for - me or the boys? I tried the Cloud Cinnamon Mocchiato, inspired by Ariana Grande, and I can't tell if I liked it or not. It has fluffy foam (egg whites), espresso, cinnamon flavored syrup, caramel drizzle and somehow there's lemon in there. The cinnamon and lemon is definitely a weird mix but I think I like it. I think I'm more mad that I stirred my full drink and it turned into half a drink because the foam mixed in so essentially Starbucks played me and made me pay full price for half of a drink and I can't tell if I'm mad at that or impressed.