Tuesday, March 19, 2019
Hip hip hooray for Target Tuesday, my weekly series where I take you down the aisles with me through the homeland many moms like to call Tar-jay. Today, we're talking alllll about the big gorgeous space that hits you right when you walk in: Bullseye's Playground (or the Dollar Spot) and more specifically, I'm sharing some of my fave finds for the kiddos!


Doing some planting come spring time? Target has got you and your little guys covered. With sweet little watering cans ($3), adorable gnomes ($3), bug catchers ($3), bug string lights ($3) and bright dinosaurs to pop your succulents or plants in ($5), your little guys will have their own little garden growing in no time! PS. Not sure if you can see them, but they have these really cute brown felt bags that have an outdoor scavenger hunt on them. I wish I got a better picture of them. Super cute and only $3!


Dr. Seuss' birthday might've been March 2nd, but you can celebrate alllll month long with these Dr. Seuss themed goodies. We spotted erasers, stickers and flash cards but there was a bunch of different things in there. PS. Target currently has select Dr. Seuss books for $6!

Can we talk about how freakin' expensive toys (or anything, for that matter) that have a popular character on them are?! Peppa Pig pillow? $40. Thomas The Train tee? $25. Paw Patrol cups? $500. You get my point. It's cray! Probably one of the most surprising finds in the Dollar Spot area was a bunch of popular character themed items - all for under $5! We found super cute, mini umbrellas, cups, hats, bubbles, etc. I'm definitely heading back to grab some for Easter baskets!


Speaking of Easter (can't believe I'm even saying that), my Target's spring/Easter items weren't fully out yet but I did find some things. Peep the little Easter baskets and totes. They're a total steal at $3! There was only a few clip-on bow ties ($3) but they come in a few different prints. I spied some adorable Easter hats ($5), bunny ears ($3) and I may or may have sat and pondered grabbing the floral bunny ear headband ($3) for myself.


I think this is my oldest son, Hunter's favorite part of the store. So far, we've already bought some fake flies to put in my fiance's drinks ($1), a nail through the finger prank ($1) and a whoopee cushion ($1). The classic disguise glasses make for fun pictures or heck, maybe if you wear them, your kids won't be able to find you for a few minutes. Let me know if that last one works.