Tuesday, April 9, 2019
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Hey hey! Lately, it kinds of seems like if I'm not talking about Target, there isn't a post. I'm so sorry, guys. These past few weeks have just kicked my butt between doctors appointments and running around - it's been nuts. I have a few posts in the works about Easter which I'm really excited to share but for now, let's talk about Target. 

They're currently having a BOGO on all their handbags, accessories and jewelry! Now's the time to grab that super cute hat or those sweet SugarFix earrings you've had your eye on because what better excuse to buy than to say, "Well, I got it on sale!"
"Sale's heaaaa, sale's heaaaa!" - in my best Pauly D voice. Does anyone even know what I'm referencing with this or am I officially at that age now where no one knows what I'm talking about? Ya'll know who Pauly D is, right?

Anywho, Target BOGO sale! All of their handbags, accessories (umbrellas, hats, hair accessories, scarves, etc.), jewelry are all buy one, get one 50% off. I ran to my local Target to check it out but truthfully, they were a little picked over. I'm sharing my faves in-store as well as some goodies I found online.



Can you guys tell I'm a huge backpack fan? Since having the boys, I need my hands free but still have wipes on me at all times, y'know, in case things happen. Which they do. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. WE. GO. OUT.



Target's jewelry section is one of my favorite places to browse. With lines like Universal Thread, Wild Fable and BaubleBar's SugarFix, there's something (affordable) for everyone.



A little truth bomb for you guys: I don't even brush my hair, nonetheless use hair accessories but if there were any time to try some out, now would be it! I fell in love with the Universal Thread Panama Hat ($22.99). I mean, how cool is that stitching? The other hair accessory that caught my eye were the Universal Thread Front Brow Knot Headbands ($9.99 each - 1/2)

This sale ends April, 13, 2019.