Wednesday, April 24, 2019
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You guys know how much I love ColourPop but did you know that I'm crazy about Disney as well? I also may or may not know all of the words to the The Descendants movies. Hint: "What's my name? What's my name? UMA. Say it louder!"

Ahem. Naturally, when ColourPop came out with their Disney Villains collection, I was alllllll over it. But I had to pace myself and only ended up buying the Misunderstood Palette ($22) and the Cruella Collection Set ($25 - this will be in a separate review!)


The Misunderstood Palette ($22) is part of the limited edition ColourPop x Disney Villain collection released Spring 2019. The palette contains 15 eyeshadows (six matte, 9 metallics) with enough gorgeous deep jewel tones and rich mattes to make your inner bad girl/guy howl.


  • No Spots - a pure white matte.
  • Mongrels - a pink-ivory metallic.
  • Diablo - a metallic lime.
  • Devious - a matte terracotta.
  • Tragic - a soft warm beige matte.
  • Underworld - a metallic bronzey copper.
  • Pain & Panic - a metallic mid-tone gold w/ pinky peach flecks.
  • Forest of Thorns - a metallic orchid.
  • Flotsam - a metallic baby pink with blue glitter.
  • The Fates - a matte deep blue.
  • Revenge - a matte charcoal w/ silver glitter.
  • Sing - a metallic dark brown with hot pink to gold duochrome flip.
  • Jetsam - a metallic denim blue w/teal duochrome flip.
  • Facile - a metallic rich olive green w/ gold flecks.
  • 101 - a matte charcoal.
Let's talk about the metallics first. In the metallic group, we have Mongrels, Diablo, Devious, Underworld, Pain & Panic, Forest of Thorns, Flotsam, Sing, Jetsam and Facile. ColourPop didn't come to play with these guys. They're glittery and shimmery but still have that smooth metallic base to them. Pain & Panic along with Flotsam and Jetsam are three metallics that are slightly different than the others and even though they're not advertised as such, I'd even call them "transforming" shades. They're slightly sheerer and while they're beautiful by themselves, I found layering them over another shadow is where you really see their full potential. You can see it below with Flotsam over Forest of Thrones.

Moving onto the mattes of the palette: No Spots, Devious, Tragic, The Fates, Revenge and 101. Devious and Tragic are both amazing crease shades. They're my two go-to's right now for that. The Fates is this insane deep blue matte that immediately caught my eye. I played with it a few weeks ago on Instagram stories and found that it applies a smidge patchy but blends very nicely. Revenge is described as a matte black (I think it's between black and grey) with silver glitter. I find that sometimes mattes with glitter sheer on easily, leaving behind the glitter, but it wasn't the case with this one. I loved how it applied.

Overall: My favorite shades from this palette are Mongrels, Tragic, Flotsam, Sing, Jetsam and 101. The metallics are more glittery than your normal metallic but still feel smooth and apply nicely. I had no issues with any of the mattes and love how wearable The Fates is, despite how bold it looks.


Looking for a wearable purple look? Here's how to get it in four easy steps!

1. Take Tragic on a fluffy crease brush and apply that into your crease in light, windshield wiper motions.

2. With a flat shader brush, pop Forest of Thorns into your outer v and then lightly blend out the edges with the same fluffy crease brush (I use this brush for everything).

3. With a flat shader brush, take Flotsam and apply that in your inner most of your lid and lightly over the middle. How amazing does Flotsam look over Forest of Thorns?!

4. Lastly, take Forest of Thorns with a smaller, pencil brush and lightly line your lower lash line and blend it out.

5. I forgot to take a picture but for my inner corner, I used Mongrels. It's definitely an eye catcher! It's slightly more glittery than a glowy inner corner highlight but I love it!


Buy - ($22)