Tuesday, September 24, 2019
Helllllllo fall! Oh gosh, you guys. I have so dang much fall content to share with you! But first, let's start with one of my hauls. I've shared them on my IG stories and now I'm breaking them down for you in a post so you'll have everything in one place! JoAnn Fabrics has such cute/creepy/spooky decor out right now but truthfully, they can be kind of expensive on their own.

Good news! It looks like right now it's 60% off their fall collection and 40% off their Halloween collection!

Okay. I do want to give y'all a heads up about something. I have a little bit of a problem with JoAnn Fabrics. I love them, I do, but every item I have had shipped to me from their website has come with an issue. One picture arrived with the frame broken (not seen because we have yet to fix it). Another had the letters nailed in weird and lopsided. So, I recommend going INTO the store and picking up your items. 
  • Simply Autumn Hand Picked Farm Fresh Pumpkins Wood Wall Decor ($24) - This was the picture that arrived with a broken frame. I can't fully blame JoAnn Fabrics because I know once they ship it, it's in the hands of the carrier BUT when the frame arrived broken, we couldn't even place it back on correctly; almost like the frame was built uneven anyway. Weird. We were able to fix it nonetheless and I do love the sign. It's pretty big!
  • Simply Autumn Pumpkin Patch Sign Wood Wall Decor ($12) - I did in-store pick up for this sign a few weeks ago and had no issues. It's another rather big sign and gives that farmhouse look I was going for. I love that the words "PUMPKIN PATCH" is actual wooden letters, raised up from the sign. 
  • Simply Autumn Pillow Lumbar XL Pumpkin Patch Pillow ($20) - I originally bought this for my church pew but after realizing it was way to small for it, I polled you guys if I should keep it or not and you all voted "not". I wanted to add it to this list anyway because it was super cute for a smaller chair!
  • Simply Autumn Figural Pumpkin Wall Decor ($16) - I found this sign, scrolling through a blogger's IG feed and knew I had to have it! When it arrived, I noticed the letters for "PATCH" must've been written on before they nailed the actual wooden letters on. I know this because the written letters are lower than the wooden ones. It looks so weird. I found that a little dab of nail polish remover has kind of been removing the white painted letters. Definitely check your signs for little errors like this.
  • Simply Autumn Small Fuzzy Pumpkin-White ($3.60) - This was worth the wait! I ordered it with everything else but for some reason it got lost in transit for a week. It's so soft and gorgeous. Love it!
  • Simply Autumn Small Ribbed Pumpkin-Sage Green ($3.60) - I did, however, get this little guy! In his own huge box, but at this point, I guess I can just be happy he arrived in one piece? Super soft, well-made and has that farmhouse look I was going for again.
  • Blooming Autumn Mood Extra Large Pumpkin-Light Pink - ($6) - The picture doesn't show it well but it's actually pink faded into a cream. It's so gorgeous and unique!
  • Blooming Autumn Natural Pumpkin-Cream ($3.20) - Another pumpkin that the picture doesn't show how pretty it is in real life. I find it to be more realistic than my other pumpkins!
  • Maker's Halloween Decor Towel with Trim-Haunted Farmhouse ($5.99) - I'd like to say my home decor style is modern farmhouse with a little bit of boho and home daycare mixed in. 😂 Either way, I had to have this towel because I thought it was super cute and surprisingly absorbent!
  • Maker's Halloween Small Black Potion Bottle-Skull Head Syrup ($5.99) - These bottles are so nicely done. There's a few different labels and different sizes to choose from. This year, for Halloween, we're going for creepy with potion bottles and creepy crawlies so this will fit in perfectly!
  • Trick Or Treat Yo Self Welcome Mat ($11.99) - I bought this a bit cheaper but honestly, $11.99 is still a great deal! It's witty, cute and hey, you can wipe your feet on it!