Monday, September 30, 2019
One of my favorite things ever about fall (minus the pumpkins, dressing up, haunted houses, pumpkin spice everything, etc.) is wearing fun lipsticks! Personally, I'm a fan of wearing them all year 'round but I know that going darker can be a little intimidating. I grabbed these Wet N Wild Liquid Catsuit Lipsticks ($5.29) in three different colors a few weeks ago and I think they're going to be perfect for whatever shade you're looking to try.

If you've never tried Wet n Wild's Matte Liquid Catsuit Lipsticks before, you're missing out! I've been a big fan of them for quite some time now. Here's a few looks I've used with them: 1 + 2. They're so affordable and the quality is awesome. Normally, they take a little while to dry down matte but don't transfer, which is a plus!


Rebel Rose is this beautiful cool-toned pink that I've been on the look out for forever! It's pulling a little dark in the pictures but is definitely lighter in person. Very opaque and took a few minutes to dry down matte.


Give Me Mocha is not normally a color I'd go for. It's a bit of an orange-toned mauve-brown (wow, what a description). I just feel like anything with those tones don't look well on me but I'm surprised how much I loved this. First application was a smidge patchy, BUT I was able to apply another coat on top with no issues and that coat evened everything out.


Ohhhh, Goth Topic, you beautiful thang, you. Probably one of my most favorite dark lipsticks ever! Is it a little patchy? Okay, yeah. The picture shows two applications. A third would've probably evened everything out. I love that about these lipsticks. You can apply over and over and over again without them ever getting slippery or crumbly or uncomfortable!


ULTA - $5.29