Saturday, April 11, 2020
Happy Easter Eve! I think it's safe to say it definitely doesn't feel like Easter, for pretty obvious reasons. It's been a bummer here. First, we forgot Easter was coming a few weeks ago so I panic-ordered a bunch of stuff for the boys. Even though we're not getting together with family, we'll still do a little egg hunt and baskets for the boys, right? Except quite a few things that I ordered are still on delay and won't be here in time. I'm not upset because I totally understand why, but let's learn from my mistakes, shall we?

If you're still looking to grab a few things for your children's Easter baskets, everything in this post, will be available on Target for their drive up option (because almost everything was from Target anyway)!

Our Easter bunny baskets are from TJ Maxx a few years ago but I love these Hearth & Hand Wire Easter Baskets ($8.99) and might snag them when they go on sale. They come in yellow and white and are so classic. They can be used year round!

  • Zing Air Bubble Dispensers ($1.99) - My boys are obsessed with these! The packaging, itself, is the oversized glove you dip into a bubble solution (comes in a big inside the glove) and wave around to make some awesome bubbles!
  • Crayola Watercolor Paints ($3.99) - These were sold out when I went to order some watercolor paints, but they're back in stock! We ended up getting these paints instead, if you're looking for a cheaper option (and there's also less paints for your child to double dip and mix the colors with 😂).
  • Chuckle & Roar Shape Makers ($14.99) - Brody is super into puzzles and even though he's three, I think he'll be able to figure these out, no problem.
  • Chuckle & Roar Mega Maze ($9.99) - Hunter, on the other hand, LOVES mazes! I like this because it comes with a case you can take on-the-go!
(We also snagged this Chuckle & Roar Red Light Green Light Game ($9.99) and had these Chuckle & Roar Four Pack of Classic Card Games ($5.99) that would make great Easter gifts!)

  • Shark Jammies ($15.99) - We ended up ordering jammies for the boys a few weeks ago but they're on a big delay getting to us. Jammies are always a fun basket filler because well, who doesn't need them, am I right?
  • Bath toys and soaps - Depending on the age, bath toys, shampoos and soaps are awesome to throw in the basket! We were so kindly sent Tubby Todd Hair & Body Wash ($15) a few weeks ago that we popped into the basket but honestly, anything you can use to make bath time fun is a win!
  • Legos - We ended up not getting Lego's for the boys this time (we got them one big prize to share together) but these are so, so good for gifts. Prices range from $6.99 + and I'm pretty sure they're currently on sale! Lego City Construction Loader ($7.99) is a good one as is the Patrol Car ($6.99) or the Monster Truck ($7.99)!
  • Shark Swim Trunks ($9.99) - Another great idea for an Easter basket filler is swim trunks and hats, gearing up for the warmer weather! Buckets, shovels and towels are also awesome!