Wednesday, April 1, 2020
With everything going on, we may or may not have forgotten Easter is in two weeks. Oops!

Easter is the one time a year we can get everyone from both sides of the family over to our house and  honestly, it feels super weird to not be planning it. We'll be postponing it to who knows when but until then, I've decided we're still going to get into the Easter spirit!

Yesterday, we made these super sweet (and SO easy) Toilet Paper Roll Bunny Stamps from Crafty Morning I found on Pinterest. Emphasis on easy! All you need is paint, toilet paper rolls (or cut a paper towel roll up) and some paper. Yeah, that's it.


  • 3 toilet paper rolls (or a paper towel roll cut up into 3 smaller pieces)
  • construction paper
  • washable paint - trust me on the washable part! also, you can use any color paint you want or even opt for glue instead and sprinkle glitter over after.
1. First things first, take two of your toilet paper rolls and squeeze the tops of two to create little bunny ears. Position them on top of the round toilet paper roll (for the face) and tape together.

2. Create a scene! The boys decided on dirt and grass but get creative. Where would a bunch of little bunnies live?

3. Dip the toilet paper bunny stamp into the paint and push it down on the paper! Repeat until you have a bunch of little bunnies.

 4. Let bunnies dry and draw little faces on them!