Monday, May 11, 2020
* Products were gifted.

Happy Day After Mother's Day! Or as I like to call it, Clean Up Day, because I'll be over here cleaning up everything that didn't get done yesterday. Sup, dishes? Anywho, I've partnered up with Mapiful to share with you guys their Mother's Day Sale going on right now where if you buy one print, you get your second print for 50% off!
Mapiful was so kind enough to gift me a print and I ended up choosing the Classic Mapful - a print of a location (big or small!) anywhere in the world! It can be where you got married, your first date, your favorite family vacation - the choices are endless! There's also the Star Mapiful - a print of the alignment of stars and constellations on any given date and location. This one is SO cool but I couldn't settle on just one. Hahaha. Lastly, there's the Zodiac Mapiful - a print of your star sign. Hard to choose, right?

 The print is thick and high quality and arrived super fast!

We ended up making our frame but they have a lot of similar options available!