Monday, May 18, 2020
Happy Monday, everyone! Today is such a fun day because I'm sharing our baby girl's neutral boho nursery! There's still a few things to add and change but I'm so thrilled with what it looks like so far!

I've talked about the nursery sitch in my Instagram stories before, but our house is set up where the in-law/master bedroom is located on the complete opposite side of our other two bedrooms. No, thanks. I didn't want to leave the boys by themselves so I tried to finagle a small nursery "side" into the boy's room. It sounds nuts, but I'm pretty sure she'll be sleeping in our room for the most part anyway.


The crib is such a gorgeous piece. It's the Delta Children Mercer 6-in-1 Crib w/ Roll Out Storage ($249) in white. When looking for a crib, I really wanted something timeless and chic. The Mercer 6-in-1 really captured that and the fact that it can convert into five other options - toddler bed, day bed, full-size bed, etc. was a HUGE plus. Delta Children is available on their own site, Amazon, Walmart and Target. Heads up: right now, Target is running a deal where if you spend $250+ on select baby furniture (this crib is included!), you'll receive a $40 gift card back!

PS. The pillow (which will not be in there when she is) is an oldie from the Opalhouse line from Target. It's just a lumbar pillow. The peach "blanket" is actually this Copper Pearl Multi-Use Cover in Caroline ($24.95). You can use it as a carseat cover, nursing cover, highchair cover and/or shopping cart cover! It's so stretchy and soft.


With the boys already claiming the one and only closet in the room, I envisioned a closet organizer that would be stylish but actually work at the same time. Cue the Threshold Wood Closet Organizer ($89.99 + 15% off with Target Circle)! The reviews are a little tough to navigate but I wanted to clarify a few concerns. No, it is not the most sturdy operation. I wouldn't say it's super flimsy but I wouldn't let my kids use it as a jungle gym, y'know? It serves its purpose to hold and store things with ease. Another issue in the reviews was the actual color of it. I had already seen this in multiple pictures from other bloggers so I knew what it looked like but I have to agree the main picture on the site is not it's true color. It is a greyish brown, just like the second picture on the site. My picture makes it look like there's three different colors going on but it's just the lighting. The other biggest concern was that parts were missing, not lining up, cracking wood, etc. We were missing a screw. My friend had an extra one. We had no issues with wood cracking but had a minor issue with a screw not lining up with a hole. It's an easy fix but I understand the frustration of it not fitting. For us, we loved it so much, we made it work. It wasn't a huge deal. 

White baby hangers are an 18 pack from Target, come in a bunch of different colors and are $2 a pack. The garland is from Cherry Sprinkles ($7.99). Don't freak (like I may or may not have) when you get them. They look so small! Take them out and space the wool balls and it creates a larger looking garland.

Most of the clothes are from Cat & Jack, Old Navy and various little boutiques. I'll be sharing more about them later this week. A lot of them are secondhand! The fig tree is an old one from Hearth & Hand but I absolutely love this new Artificial Snake Plant ($60.99) - it even comes with its own stand. The mirrors are from Target's Bullseye's Playground and were $5 each. They're not available online but I'll keep my eyes open for them!


The wallpaper is what really changed this room. It's lighter, brighter and more inviting. It's become my favorite room in the house. I'm so in love with it. It's the Rebel Dot Wallpaper from Rebel Walls but was customized to a white background with grey dots. Rebel Walls allows you to customize any wallpaper as well as upload your own image to make one! It was super easy to install. Ant did it in one night! It comes with the adhesive and paper. You will need a roller to roll the adhesive and a little bit of patience. We had no clue how to put up wallpaper but the directions were easy to follow. I'm so, so happy with how it came out!

A huge thank you to Delta Children and Rebel Walls for collaborating with me to bring this vision to life!