Monday, September 28, 2020

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BOO! Can you guys believe we're just a few days away from the beginning of October. Be still, my spooky heart! 💗 Get ready because we're kicking off our love for Halloween in a really big way!

Naturally, if you going to mix my family's huge Halloween obsession and our enormous love for books, you're going to get a massive list of all our favorite Halloween books to share with our friends! We've picked books about pumpkins, monsters, black cats, witches, skeletons and more!


* = our must haves!
  1. Gilbert the Ghost by Guido Van Genechten
  2. Pick A Pumpkin by Patricia Toht *(such a gorgeous book!)
  3. How To Make Friends With A Ghost by Rebecca Green
  4. Bonaparte Falls Apart by Margery Cuyler
  5. Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson
  6. The Ugly Pumpkin by Dave Horowitz
  7. Creepy Pair of Underwear! by Aaron Reynolds *(my kids LOVE this book!)
  8. Cats Night Out by Paula Wiseman
  9. There's A Monster In Your Book (Who's In Your Book?) by Tom Fletcher
  10. Stumpkin by Lucy Ruth Cummins
  11. The Roll Away Pumpkin by Junia Wonders
  12. Monster Needs A Costume by Paul Czajak
  13. The Witch's Cat by Sonica Ellis
  14. How To Catch A Monster by Adam Wallace
  15. Skeletons ARE NOT Spooky! by Duds
  16. I Love My Fangs by Kelly Leigh Miller
  17. Mother Ghost: Nursery Rhymes For Little Monsters by Rachel Kolar
  18. Who Hides Under Monsters' Beds? by C.T. Walsh
  19. Took Cute To Spook by Diana Aleksandrova
  20. Bo The Bat by Alma Hammond
  21. Skeleton Hiccups by Margery Cuyler
  22. Creepy Carrots! by Aaron Reynolds 
  23. Black and Bittern Was Night by Robert Heidbreder
  24. Ghosts by Sonia Goldie
  25. That Monster on the Block by Sue Ganz-Schmitt
  26. Gustavo, the Shy Ghost by Flavia Z. Drago
  27. Triangle by Mac Barnett *(not necessarily Halloween-y, but a super cute book about being a trickster!)
  28. They All Saw A Cat by Brendan Wenzel
  29. Oscar Seeks A Friend by Pawel Pawlak
  30. I Am A Bat by Morag Hood
  31. Trick or Treat: A Happy Haunters Halloween by Debbie Lappanen and Tad Carpenter
  32. One Black Cat by Robie Rogge
  33. Little Boo by Stephen Wunderli
  34. Bonesville by Jean-Luc Fromental
  35. I Scream Every Time I See A Ghost by Luna James
  36. Skulls! by Blair Thornburgh
  37. Frank Was a Monster Who Wanted to Dance by Keith Graves
  38. Sammy's Spooktacular Halloween by Mike Petrik
  39. 10 Trick or Treaters by Janet Schulman
  40. Ghost In The House by Ammi-Joan Paquette
  41. Yum Yummy Yuck by Amanda Jane Jones
  42. Monster Trouble! by Lane Federickson
  43. Calavera Abecedario by Jeanette Winter
  44. Boo La La Witch Spa by Samantha Berger
  45. Fright Club by Ethan Long
  46. B is for Boo: A Halloween Alphabet Book by Greg Paprocki *(love how vintage this looks!)
  47. The Scariest Book Ever by Bob Shea
  48. Vlad The Rad by Brigette Barrager
  49. Halloween Hustle by Charlotte Gunnufson
  50. Lots of Cats by E. Dee Taylor
  51. At the Old Haunted House by Helen Ketteman
  52. Shake Dem Halloween Bones by Mike Reed
  53. The Little Kitten by Nicola Killen
  54. Moldilocks and the Three Scares by Lynne Marie
  55. Bone Soup by Cambria Evans
  56. The Halloween Kid by Rhode Montijo
  57. Los Gatos Black on Halloween by Marisa Montes
  58. Shivery Shades of Halloween by Mary Mckenna Siddals
  59. Oh No, Not Ghosts! by Richard Michelson
  60. Does Frankenstein Get Hungry? by John Solimine
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Let me know in the comments what YOUR favorite Halloween book is!