Tuesday, December 1, 2020

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Happy December everyone! I know, I know. Your social media is flooded right now with holiday gift guides and about a million and one different ways to wear buffalo plaid, but I really wanted to share a brand spankin' new series on my blog called What The Kids Are Reading! And, I mean, books do make great gifts so technically I'm still being a good blogger and keepin' it holiday themed around here.

Anywho, you all know how much we love books over here. It always seems like every month there are one or two books that my kids constantly reach for so I thought it would be kind of fun to share their picks with you! Maybe you can add a few new ones to your own library1

Our first book in the series is This Is a Book of Shapes by Kenneth Kraegel! Kenneth is also the author and illustrator of three picture books: Green Pants, The Song of Delphine, King Arthur's Very Great Grandson (which was named a New York Times Book Review Notable Children’s Book of the Year) as well as Wild Honey from the Moon, a beautiful chapter book.

Brody received this book as part of his "Happy December First!" present we give the boys every year (accompanied with holiday themed jammies) and has had me read it to him over and over and over again all day. Instant hit!
This is a Book of Shapes is a silly 30 page board book all about shapes....and emus....and rhino's wearing jet packs? Kenneth Kraegel seriously knows his audience! Both of my children loved the colorful shapes and kept playing a game between themselves on who could name the shape and color the fastest. They wouldn't stop cracking up over the hilarious scenarios taking place every few pages, in between the pages about shapes!

I really love that this book has a little something for each one of my children, despite the age differences. For Sienna (five months old), she loved the bright colors on each page. For Brody (four years old), it tested his knowledge on shapes and colors. And for Hunter (six years old), it was a great beginners book for reading.

You can find This Is a Book of Shapes by Kenneth Kraegel ($8.99) on Amazon!