Wednesday, March 3, 2021
14 days until St. Patrick's Day! ☘ Do you celebrate? My family has celebrated St. Patrick's Day every year so when I started dating Anthony, I was kind of shocked to find out not everyone does. Normally, we do corned beef, cabbage, potatoes for the day but this year, we're adding something a little fun for the kids: we're going to try to catch a leprechaun! First things first: you're going to need some binoculars!

Got TP? Toilet paper roll crafts are the best over here because we always seem to have a butt-load of them. Pun intended. But seriously. I've been saving them for years. We always seem to find a fun project to use them for. For this project, all you will need is two of the cardboard rolls from toilet paper (or one paper towel cardboard roll, cut in half), some paint and string!



  • two cardboard toilet paper rolls (or one paper towel roll, cut in half)
  • green, gold, orange paint
  • string, yarn, twine - something that you can use for a lanyard to hang the binoculars from
  • shamrock stickers, gold stars, rainbows - have some fun decorating!
  • hole punch - or you can just use a knife, pair of scissors or even a toothpick
  1. Start by painting two of the cardboard rolls. I chose orange and lime green.
  2. Hot glue the two pieces of cardboard rolls together, side by side.
  3. Poke a hole on each side of the roll and push through a piece of string/yarn to create a lanyard to hold the binoculars from. You can knot these in place but I chose to hot glue them since my kids are rough. 😜
  4. Decorate! Grab some glitter, shamrocks, pom poms - whatever you want! Have your kids go crazy.

Oh my gosh. Such an easy DIY but the boys have had such a blast with these, guys. Making them and playing with them. They've pulled them out every day looking for a leprechaun! 

Next on the list: making a leprechaun trap! Stay tuned.