Thursday, March 4, 2021

For Christmas last year, Anthony got me a gift card to Target and made me swear that I'd use the whole card on myself - not the kids. I know I'm not the only one, but it's so hard for me to buy something for me. I mean, I can talk myself out of a necessity for me but can throw a bunch of things in my cart for the kids like nothing.

Anywho, Target had a sale a few weeks ago where everything was 20% off (great blogging, Noelle, telling them that now) and I upgraded my diaper bag so I thought I'd share everything here!

Can I also just whine a little about how hard it is to shop solely online? I rarely go into stores now (on top of the pandemic, I'm nervous to take three kiddos out by myself - #outnumbered) so I read all the reviews on sizing and what not and still ended up having to take back about 75% of my order because nothing fit. I'll link everything below - with sizing!

  • Wild Fable High-Rise Distressed Straight Jeans ($22) - I wasn't too sure I'd like the ride on the straight-leg-train but consider me a frequent traveler! These are pretty dang flattering, if I do say so myself. Reviews will say to size up two sizes. Wild Fable is notorious for their closing running small but I actually say stick with your normal size. These are definitely looser fitting and going up a size or two will make them super baggy, trust me. I went up a size (normally a 12, went for a 14) and within an hour, they were loose.
  • Woodstock Love Revolution Tee ($12.74 - on sale!) - I'm here for the oversized graphic tee trend coming this summer! These plus some biker shorts? I'm sold! I sized up to an XXL.
  • Aerosmith Tee ($14.99) - Holy softness. I wasn't expecting that kind of soft! I sized up to an XXL, not realizing the fit was oversized already but I still love it!
  • Mad Love Genna Platform Footbed Sandals ($24.99) - I love a good pair of comfy sandals that I can just slip into and go with. I'm not sure I'm loving the white yet (I'm normally a tan/black kind of girl) but I decided to *Go WiLd* and get white! Super comfy and runs very TTS. I'm a size 9, ordered a size 9 and found that my foot fits perfectly, right to end of the sandal. If you're looking for a little room, I suggest sizing up.
  • Wild Fable High Rise Vintage Joggers ($22) - One of my favorite buys! These are so, so comfy and yet cute enough that I can throw on some shoes and wear out without looking like I rolled out of bed. But I definitely wear these to bed as well. They're so soft and honestly, I think they run kind of big. I sized up to an XL. Took them back for a L and still find them to be a bit baggy.
  • Miss Fong Diaper Bag ($54.99) - I finally upgraded my diaper bag! I had my eye on the Fawn Design but ended up seeing this one that looks like an almost exact replica. It's pretty big, which I wasn't expecting, but I like that. It's a little stinky upon arrival, but a few hours aired out did it wonders.
  • Reece & Co. Tassels + Bag Strap - I've had my eye on a few goodies from Reece & Co. for a while now and finally decided to pull the trigger and grab some things to jazz up the diaper bag! I ended up buying two mini tassels and a bag strap grab bag (comes with two surprise bag straps) and was thrilled! I can't wait to buy more. #newaddiction
  • Silicone Bangle Keyring Bracelets ($13.90) - Random, but probably one of my most favorite buys! I have the biggest issue of tucking my keys into my pocket and then not being able to pull them out when I get to the car because I have my hands full. Love how cute these keyring bracelets are. These come in a pack of four!