Monday, February 7, 2022

Over the weekend, I put together our little Valentine's Day Occasions Bin (inspired by Shakira of Occasions by Shakira)! Putting together this bin has become one of my favorite things to do for every holiday because not only does it look super cute in our kitchen, but it keeps all of our festive cooking/baking/food stuff together in one spot. 

PS: From a mama who loves a good deal, I know how "extra" these bins can sound and look. Our occasions bin is filled with cheap things either from Target, Dollar Tree and Walmart and we save and re-use from past holidays and celebrations as well.



  • white wire bin - A bullseye's playground find at $5, this bin has been the bomb and it's got a permanent spot as our "occasions bin" but I can't find it online. I did, however, find a nice (and bigger) one for only $3 more!
  • heart-shaped silly straws - As adorable as these are, they are the absolute worst to suck through. Just keeping it real here. They're a Walmart find and we're $1.98 for a pack of six, I think? Not online but definitely still available in stores. Note, these are from last year so maybe they're better this year? I'm linking these silly drinking heart-shaped glasses from Amazon, just in case. 
  • red heart paper straws ($3) - How cute are these little guys? We're not the biggest paper straw fans around (y'all, we're sippers around here and these things can get soggy quick) but they're adorable nonetheless.
  • heart paper cups ($3)- The ones we have are from TJ Maxx but the heart cups from Target I linked are just as cute.
  • pink heart snack plates ($3) - Obsessed doesn't even begin to cover how I feel about these little snack plates. Snack plate size is the perfect size for the little guys!
  • pink heart lunch napkins ($3) - I mean...
  • heart ramkins - Bullseye's Playground, guys. Two for $5. Super sturdy and I'm pretty sure they come in two colors - pink and red.
  • cookie cutters - You guessed it: Bullseye's Playground find.
  • melamine heart plate ($3) - I can't seem to find the pink one online, but there's a super cute red one available this year.
  • cotton striped pink table runner ($10) - My white table runner is from last year but they came out with a pink one this year that is so sweet and pretty. I grabbed that one too!
  • pink + red tassel garland - You guys are going to hate me. This one is from last year but (drink every time I write "but", huh?) this white heart tassel garland is just as cute!
  • thread mama printable pennant - I found Thread Mama late last year and she has been my go-to for all the cutest holiday printables. She has them for just about every occasion and they come in the cutest color schemes. Just buy and print at home (or send 'em to Staple's!).