Saturday, April 2, 2022

Last week, I had some left over yarn (okay, I have a bunch) and really wanted to create something fun but still super easy to re-create for Easter. Enter: bunny yarn monogram tags! Very inspired by the Christmas ones I made last year but with a little bunny twist.

yarn bunny monogram letter tags


You will need:
• yarn
• scissors
• hot glue gun
• cardboard

• Start by printing out your letter, tracing it onto cardboard + cutting it out. I used the font "Impact"!

• Start with a bead of hot glue to the cardboard and start wrapping your letter with yarn, occasionally popping a bead of line of hot glue to hold it down.

• Once you're done wrapping with yarn, make sure to glue down the last piece of yarn well.

• For the bunny ears, cut two two inch pieces of yarn. Take the two loose ends and pinch them together to create a loop and glue on the back.

• The pom pom tail is made by looping your yarn around one finger. I looped six times for a fluffy tail.

• Gently, slide the loops off your finger, holding the middle so the loops don't unravel. Tie a knot around the middle. Snip the loops + trim for a fluffy tail + glue onto the letter.

• Add a loop on the back of the letter for an easy way to attach it to baskets!