Monday, April 4, 2022
I know we're full-on Easter over here but I just had to share my Stoney Clover Lane x Target haul with you guys. I didn't even know about SLC until last month, but when I saw all the pretty pastels and smiley faces in an e-mail from Target about their launch, I dove in. Apparently, they have a HUGE following. I stayed up until 3AM (anyone from my beauty blogging days remember staying up late for MAC's launches?) and snagged almost everything that I was going for. 


I'll keep you guys posted if there's any restocks. Unfortunately, there isn't a "notify me" button to let you know like Target normally has for oos items. I would definitely keep checking back, as people will be returning as well as small restocks, I think. Also, if you're really looking for something, check your stores! It might say not available on the app, but I swear it's not always up-to-date and they may have it!