Friday, May 13, 2022

Happy Friday, friends! We've been doing some spring/summer clothes shopping for the kids and I noticed something recently. Did you guys see that H&M does 25% off  and free shipping almost every single weekend? Is this a best kept secret or am I just late to the party? Anywho, I grabbed a few things from H&M a few weeks ago and wanted to share them with you!


  • Toddler Round Sunglasses + Chain - These are my favorite purchase from this order! The little chain is too dang cute and is actually pretty genius to keep them from getting lost. The only problem is there's only little silicone loops to keep the sunglasses on the chain and can easily fall off. So, I like the idea and look of it, but it could use some finagling.
  • Embroidered Straw Bag - Oh my gosh, this little bag. Sienna loves her little handbags and adores this one! It's very soft for braided straw. The balls are straw as well and has a velcro closure. Super cute!
  • Ruffle Trimmed Swimsuit - Still deciding if I want to keep this one or not. I love the color and cut but it's a little on the thin side.
  • 2 Pack Sleeveless Cotton Rompers - The color choices are beautiful but, dang, do they run huge. I threw them in the wash and was able to shrink them down so Sienna can actually wear them this year. The 1-2 year size, out of the bag, looked like it could've fit a four year old!
  • Ruffled Trimmed Jersey Dress - This dress was highly recommended in my mom groups as a great quality dress, under $5 and I completely agree.
  • Patterned Cotton Romper Sunsuit - Super duper cute, but another outfit that just ran huge. The open criss-cross back was a really cute surprise! I threw this in the dryer and was able to shrink it down some.
  • 2 Pairs Marvel Hulk/Spiderman Slip On Shoes - Brody lost his mind over these! If you have a child that is obsessed with The Hulk and/or Spiderman, these are going to be so up their alley! They're very soft and stretchy and already run quite big so maybe size down? I'm learning H&M has some funky sizing going on.
  • 5 Pack Jersey Shorts - These are so, so good. Very lightweight and came in the cutest prints and colors. Surprisingly, true to size. I grabbed Hunter a size 7 and they fit nicely.