Thursday, May 26, 2022

Anyone heading out camping this summer? We love camping! From sleeping under the stars as a teen to now camping out in a camper. Truth? Camping in the camper has been the best, but maybe that's my thirties talking.


You can never be overprepared (or at least that's what I tell myself) when it comes to camping which is probably why I like camping in a camper - it's a place to store all the stuff I think we need. 😆

Here's just a few of my favorite must-haves when camping (especially with kids):
  • Welly's Bandaids - These bandaids are the! They're soft, flexible and come in two different sizes - normal size and mini's. They have a bunch of fun prints in bright colors so naturally I had to snag the camping-themed ones!
  • Pipette Sunscreen - Never in a million years did I think I'd be on the lookout for a safe sunscreen (I mean, to me they all were) but I'm pretty happy with this one! It's fragrance-free mineral sunscreen with SPF50.
  • Pouch Clutch - These pouches from Wild Fable are SO dang good. They can hold so much! Currently on sale for $6.80.
  • Hair Brush - A must-have for a weekend (or longer!) camping trip for obvious reasons. I couldn't find the link to my Stoney Clover one but found something comparable.
  • Hair Clips - I haven't been able to find mine online (originally found at TJ Maxx) but the ones I linked from Wild Fable are super cute!
  • Batiste Dry Shampoo - I absolutely love a good dry shampoo and have been using this one for years! I've slowed down on the dry shampoo, but don't mind bringing it when there might not be access to water.
  • Bracelet Kit - I'm really not winning with linking the actual products in this post. 😒 The one I linked looks like so much fun!
  • Lego Kit - Have a Lego lover? Grab one of the creator ones before heading out camping! They're affordable ($14.99) and are a three-in-one, meaning there's three different figures to make from one Lego pack. Brody loved this owl one!
  • Tick Remover - This tick remover is a staple at our house! Finding a tick on you is gross but here's an amazing way to ensure you've removed the entire thing. The open bottom piece slides around the tick's body (large for a big boy, small for a smaller one) and then you twist it around until you twist the head out. I'm grossed out even typing this but this is, hands down, the best tick remover we've ever used. Leaving the head in can cause infection and this device has never let me down when it comes to removing it all! Ugh. I feel itchy now.