Friday, February 3, 2023

Sienna has a cute shelf over her bed that I absolutely decorating! It may be small, but it's mighty - and also high enough that no one can touch. 😆


Let's break down the shelf:
  • rattan shelf - it's a HomeGoods find from my mom! I still see them in the stores some times, but a quick Google search of "circle ratan shelf" brings up some awesome options.
  • big disco ball - $5 for a 6" disco ball, yes please! The tops are kind of funky, but I found them to be good quality and haven't had any mirror pieces fall off.
  • small disco balls - I found these at the Dollar Tree, if you can believe it. They're little ornaments but I use them as decorations.
  • love sign - currently, in the Target Dollar Spot for $5!
  • collapsible container - Super cute find for less than $2 each. They come in a small and large size and a bunch of different colors.
  • lip garland - One of my favorite Valentine's Day decor items this year. Beautifully handmade.
  • heart eyes vase - My other favorite for Valentine's Day this year.
  • xoxo envelope vase - Isn't this so dang pretty? Unfortunately, this one as well as the heart eyes vase is sold out but I'll try to find links to them and update this for you guys.