Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Happy Halloween, everyone! Wishing you all a super safe and fun night tonight! We had a little Boo Brunch this morning to celebrate and the kids went nuts over it. Save this post for next year OR switch up the decor to basically fit any holiday. Also, the best part? A lot of this can be premade so there's no rushing around in the morning. I made the skull waffles a few days ago and saved them in the fridge for today. Breakfast always reheats the best!


The name of the Boo Brunch game this year? Quick, easy but still festive! The skull waffles were made earlier in the week and refrigerated until this morning. Fruits are always in the fridge. I think setting up took longer than making all the food!


  • skull waffles
  • scrambled parm eggs
  • brown sugar bacon
  • sausage
  • strawberries
  • green grapes
  • frozen yogurt dipped banana ghosts (with dark chocolate eyes and mouth)


  • As cute as these snack boards are, they can be EXHAUSTING. I like to make some things the day before - heck, a few days before, if I can! Make the skull waffles one day. Air fry some bacon the next. The fruit can even be cut a few days before as well. Assemble the morning of the celebration!
  • I've had those potion bottles ($1 each!) from Target for a few years and never knew what to do with them! I carefully washed them (the labels are just paper so I made sure to wipe around them) and filled them with juice and water. The kids got such a kick out of them!