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Julep St. Patrick's Day Surprise Box - Pictures & Review

My Julep's St. Patrick's Day Surprise box one (out of two) came in today! I was tracking this baby all day at work today and couldn't wait to come home and see what I got. So let's get started opening up this thing:
May I say that I love how Julep does their packaging? The chocolate coins are such a cute touch.

Let's check this stuff out!

Melissa - a mermaid-esque iridescent milky-clear based polish. I tested this on my thumb nail just to see how it'd look and I can definitely say it's different and something I've never had before. It's basically clear looking straight down at your nail, but when you turn your nail ever-so slightly, it flashes turquoise to green. Pretty sweet!

Age Defying Hand Brightener & Hand Scrub

Julep Basecoat 

Hayden - a bright peachy polish. The picture makes it look a little bit more subdued than it actually is. This is definitely a spring/summer polish! 

Sofia - a sheer lime green polish with gorgeous turquoise micro-glitter sprinkled in. I've also heard that this is glow-in-the-dark!? How freakin' awesome is that? Side Note: You can see Melissa on my thumb! See the light hitting the turquoise? So pretty!

Overall, I'm pretty happy with my box. Granted, it wasn't one of the bigger ones (maybe box two will be!?). The grand total, had I gone to the website and bought this stuff on my own came out to: $130.00! Holy cow! I mean, sure, I'm bummed I have a second Hayden but wow, to get $130 worth of stuff for only $20 sounds like a pretty awesome deal to me :) 

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