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Julep's St. Patrick's Day Surprise Box #2 - Pictures & Review

I can't even begin to contain my excitement over my Julep St. Patrick's Day Surprise box #2 so let's just jump right in! Again, I tracked this box all day through the work, secretly preparing myself to be disappointed just in case I got another duplicate of my first box. When I arrived home from work, I ran into my room to find a noticeably larger (and green!) box rather than the small black one I got yesterday. Surprised? Heck yeah! 
OMG. OMG. Make-up bag!? What's inside of it!?

Ahhhhhh! Look at all the polishes and goodies inside! 
Not Shown: make up case the polishes came in, Julep Essential Cuticle Oil (hidden inside the case!)

Julep SPF 30 Hand Cream

Julep Nail Appliques in Rivet

Make-up case the polishes came in. This sucker was heavy! 

L-R: Melissa, Helena, Anne, Sofia

L-R: Julep Fast Dry Topcoat, Blake, Leah

Blake - a soft buttercup yellow. I've been dying for this polish so I'm ecstatic that it was in the box! Clearly, my picture sucks and doesn't show how pretty it really is. 

 Leah - a leafy green with a hidden light green shimmer in it. So I know I'm not a fan of greens, but I can't help but put this polish in my 'keeper' pile. I don't know why. I just think it's different.

Fast Dry Topcoat - I can't wait to try this out and compare it to Seche Vite.

Melissa - Again! This is going in the trade pile. Personally, I don't see myself using it so often to need a double of. I'm just happy I got a better picture of the iridescent-ness in it :)

Julep Pout Popper - I'm not too sure about this. LMAO. It's a little too dark for me. 

Oopsies. I forgot to take a picture of the hand scrub and the cuticle oil. I have the cuticle oil on right now and I love the smell of it! Like citrus-y jasmine or something. 

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  1. The box looks awesome. That hand cream with SPF sounds lovely.

  2. Awesome box! That hand cream sounds great.

    1. I tried the hand cream a couple of days ago. It's such a weird texture on your hands. Like a chalky feeling. It DID moisturize my hands though.

  3. OMG you got a GOOD box! I was going to order one and they were out by the time I went to go do it.

    1. It was definitely worth the $20! Aw. I hate when that happens :( I was hoping they'd do it again for Easter!


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