Wednesday, March 28, 2012
My new addiction? Indie nail polish. I'm so hooked. I love the glitter bombs, the polka dots, the bars and hexes, the home-made feel of it; I love it all. My biggest problem? By the time I find their shop and put something in my cart, it's sold out! Seriously. There is about a five minute time frame where you better buy what you want or it won't be there the next time you blink. I've had it, no more searching. NO MORE! I've made up a list of some of my favorite shops with their shop links, FB pages, prices, alternate places to buy and my favorite polishes.

  • Dollish Polish (Etsy) - FB - Price: $8.00. Amazing customer service. Gotta Have: Puttin' On The Ritzzz, Drop. Your. Sword, Expecto Patronum.
  • Lynnderella (llarowe) - Price: $15.00. Unfortunately, very hard to find :( I think every lacquerhead would give their unborn child for one of these babies. Gotta Have: Connect The Dots, Snow Angel, The Glittering Crowd, Very Pretty Vamprie.
  • Lacquistry (Etsy) - FB - Price: $8.75. Another indie with impeccable customer service! Gotta Have: A Friggin' Circus, Devil's Dandruff, Gutter Snow.
  • Nailventurous (Etsy)- FB - Price: 9.00 (via NinjaPolish) This shop sells out fast! Also being sold at NinjaPolishGotta Have: Floam, Pinkerbell, Voodoo Doll.
  • Pretty & Polished (Etsy) - Blog / FB - Price: $4.75 - 8.00. The girl produces instant classics! Gotta Have: Jawbreaker, Party On My Yacht, Bayou Blitz.
  • Dandy Nails (Etsy) - Blog / FB - Price: $8.00. Gotta Have: Inside The Fire, Come Out and Play, You Set My Soul Alight.
  • HazeGlaze (Etsy) - FB - Price: $4.50 - $8.79. One of the fastest shipping indie shops I've dealt with so far! Gotta Have: Angel Flakes, Frozen Ube, Sweet Tart.
  • Pam's Girly Bits (Personal Blog) - FB -  Price: $10.00 - 12.00. Also being sold at Llarowe. Gotta Have: Shift Happens, Razzle Dazzle, Hippity Hop.
  • All That Glitters (Etsy) - FB - Price: $8.00. Gotta Have: Heartbreak City, Hole Hearted, Very Peacock-ish, Spotty Dottie.
  • windestine (Etsy) - Blog - Price: $2.50 - 5.00. Gotta Have: Endangered Blue Loons, Dancing In The Rain.
  • Rainbow Honey (Etsy) - FB - Price: $10.00  Gotta Have: Frozen Flame, Snake Eyes.
PHEW. Talk about doing some research! I checked and tripled-checked to make sure there were no mistakes, but hey, I'm human, so if you spot one, let me know! 

NOTE: Many shops are currently closed :( Bummer, right? That's why I've posted the FB links to most of them, silly :P Like their page on FB and keep up-to-date on shop openings!