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OPI Care To Danse? + TJ Maxx Steal!

Hi angelfaces! So for those that have my FB page liked (If you don't, what are you waiting for!?) you know that I went on a job interview Friday! For those wondering, they've asked me to come in for a second interview today. Yipee! Now, if you know me, you know that my nails are always LOUD. I love neons and glitter bombs and crazy designs so to go neutral and demure is uncharted territory.

A few months ago, I won OPI's New York Ballet minis from Love For Lacquer and Planet Beauty and never got a chance to use it! Crazy, right? So, after talking to all the lovely ladies on my FB page a few nights ago, I decided that subtle was the way to go and Care To Danse? was the answer!

Care To Danse is a sheer lavender polish. I love that it really made my nails look super polished and clean.

The sun seemed to "white out" the polish in this picture. It's a bit more sheer and for some odd reason, made my nails look like they had a french manicure. Not that I'm complaining. 

And for those wondering, "Hey Noelle. What'd you wear on your feet?" (Because I know you all were!) and mostly because I just want to show off my latest TJ Maxx steal, here's my new Steve Madden flats!

How cute are these Steve Madden coral-y pink snakeskin flats?  

Macro of the pretty snakeskin print!

Cute, right!?
Where To Buy:
  • OPI Care To Danse? - Price varies / Amazon, eBay, drugstores, etc.: 
  • Steve Madden Snakeskin Flats - $20.00 / TJ Maxx
So I want to hear: Would you take a job that wouldn't allow you to wear nail polish?  


  1. My boss recently stated we should only wear light colored/no glitter nail polish, and it sucks sometimes, but there are so many cute light colored polishes, it makes up for it! (Plus on occasion I may bend the rules on the no glitter rule lol). If my boss said no nail polish, it'd be really, (and I mean really), hard to be at the job, but in this economy, who can turn down a good job?

    1. What a bummer! There definitely are a lot of adorable light polishes that I never knew about! If you don't have it, a great nude with shimmer is Pams & Kin Line In The Sand - Love it!

      Ah, that's very true!

  2. Replies
    1. Aren't they? And they were on sale! Yahoo!

  3. I totally just looked into the glambag and I think I totally might do it. Who can beat great products for cheap! I hope your interview went well. Keep us updated :D and I hardly wear nail polish (unless I get my nails done), so having a job that doesn't allow it, wouldn't be too difficult.

    1. You definitely should! I was really impressed with this month's bag especially and I've been a member since January. I just think it's a cool monthly surprise! I will. Fingers crossed! I should know by tomorrow, hopefully.


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