Saturday, September 8, 2012
Hi everyone! Today I have one of the best named polishes ever from Dollish Polish today - Gym Tan Laundry! I almost died when I saw this and HAD to buy it. If you don't know what GTL means, it's the daily Guido mantra according to Pauly D on MTV's Jersey Shore. My boyfriend needs to adopt this mantra minus the tanning and gym. So basically he really just needs to his own laundry. LMAO. Let's get our fists pumpin' and check out the swatches!

Gym Tan Laundry is a turquoise base with large copper and various sizes and hues of blue hexes mixed in.

Obligatory bottle macro shot! 

I used two smooth coats of this bad boy for complete coverage and opacity. 

I love that light turquoise color just glowing in between the layers!

Macro nail shot! 

As a former fan of the show (I seriously can't stand it now), I love the name of this polish! Formula was perfect (as is all of Dollish Polish's creations) and I had no issues with getting the glitter out.

Where To Buy: Dollish Polish / Price: $8.75 FS or $4.50 mini