Tuesday, April 16, 2013
Hi everyone! Today on the blog, I have two absolutely stunning polishes from BadAss Polish, Chocolate Covered Cherry and Copper Waters!

Bottle shots! These babies were kept safe during shipping with BadAss Polish's fantastic packaging. Each polish comes wrapped in felt in a small tube. To see pictures, check out this post of mine. 

Chocolate Covered Cherry is gorgeous combo of micro brown and pink holographic glitters in a clear base.

Let's talk about absolutely stunning (and ignore my perpetually dry cuticles)! This is one coat over a random brown polish I had. The pink holographic glitter really makes this polish something special. Perfect formula and application although the glitter does leave the top "gritty". It's really nothing a top coat can't fix.

Copper Waters is combo of micro copper and holo blue glitters in a clear base.

Same formula as CCC! So easy to work with. Both are incredibly easy to build up opacity with in about 4 coats or you can wear them over something like I did. Again, a little gritty to the touch by itself but a top coat easily fixes that.

Overall: For both of these polishes, the holographic micro glitters really make them something different. Each looks beautiful over undies or by itself. 

Keep In Touch with Bad Ass Polish:

* This product was sent to me for an honest review but you'll get the truth and nothing but the truth! :)