Monday, March 10, 2014
Spring is 10 days away. 10 glorious days until I demand warmer weather without looking like a nutjob. Until then, I'll enjoy getting myself all prepped for maxi dress and short sleeve weather by self tanning.

I've had Famous Dave's Self Tanner Mousse Pro Series Nourishing Self Tanner Foam for a few months now. After receiving it, I found out I was pregnant and was told to wait until the second trimester to self tan. Technically, there's no proof that self tanners can harm the baby at all because they don't penetrate through the skin but rather dye the top layer of the skin but my doc likes to play it safe. 

Famous Dave's Self Tanner Mousse Pro Series Nourishing Self Tanner promises your skin to be bathed in rich emollients. This tanner is supposed to be clear and light and dry almost instantly. The results are supposed to be golden brown and no scent. Famous Daves does not use tan guards in their products. *Gulp*

I always recommend exfoliating, shaving, all that fun stuff before you put your self tanner on. Exfoliating gets rid of all that dead skin that might grab the self tanner and make certain areas (knees, elbows, etc.) look darker. I also recommend using gloves or a self tanning mitt when applying a self tanner. Once you're done, switch gloves or mit and apply self tanner to your hands. 

After exfoliating and shaving, I applied this foam with a Fake Bake tanning mitt. Hello panic! I've never used a tanner without a tan guard so I had to remember hard where I put the self tanner. I started with my arms, then chest and worked down to my legs and feet. Total applying time was about 20 minutes which is the fastest I've ever applied. The foam was so smooth to work with and I think it made it easier to spread around. After applying, it was tiny bit sticky until it fully dried around 5 minutes after. Also, I noticed a light scent of coconuts! Either I'm crazy or there really is a scent. You be the judge. 

Holy paleness, Batman! This is right after application.

5 hours in. Slightly tan but nothing crazy.

At this point, it was getting kind of late and I ended up falling asleep with it on. When I woke up, sweet niblets! I was the most gorgeous shade of brown a self tanner could possibly give you. A tid bummed it took that long to develop but the results are definitely worth it!

This is after a shower! Say whattttt!?

I think I'm still in shock that this is the shade I got after only one application. I did notice that I missed my knees (how do you even manage that?) but my hands came out like perfection. No streaking, no patchiness. Just pure brown goodness. I'm pretty excited. I'm about four days in as of today and so far, no fading whatsoever. 

- The foam makes it VERY easy to spread around.
- I kind of like the coconut scent.
- Dried quite quickly.
- The result shade is gorgeous!

- Develop time took a while.

Overall, I think this might be my new favorite self tanner! This is definitely one to apply before you go to bed and have it develop overnight. Drying time is pretty fast so you can put on clothes right after applying. The results are INSANE. I still can't believe the color I got after only one application. Even though I missed a few spots I actually love the results I got not using a self tanner with a tan guard. I love this stuff!

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