Wednesday, March 5, 2014
I'd been dying to try out Sedona Lace so I hit a major jackpot when I won Jess' (Love for Lacquer) giveaway for the Vortex Brush Set. I mean, this set is worth almost $100. Whoop whoop for a broke girl :)

The Vortex Brush set was created by Renelyn from Makeup by Ren Ren who wanted to create a pro brush line that takes makeup application to the next level. This set include four face brushes, seven eye brushes, a lip brush and a dual brow brush with spoolie - all in a high quality brush belt.

Sedona Lace Vortex Brush Set - Face Brushes

Face Brushes:
  • Jumbo Fan - FB 01 | Talk about clouds on your face. This brush is SO soft. The brochure says you can basically use this for anything from contouring to packing powder under your eyes. I've been using this to distribute my highlighter. It seems to just kiss the areas I need it the most without overdoing it.
  • Tulip Contour - FB 03 | I use this brush for two different things. It's a fantastic contour brush when you don't want a super sharp contour but still want the point across. A blurred contour if you will. I also LOVE using this as a powder-setting brush as this fits perfectly in any and every area you need to set your powder. Brochure says other uses could be for blush, bronzer and highlighter.
  • Flat Top Buffer - FB07 | Ah, such perfection. It's so dense and soft that it just buffs and blurs everything away. I absolutely love this brush. If I had to pick a fave from the face brushes alone, this would totally be it.
  • Dome Contour - FB 05 | I wanted to like this brush. It's smaller and would've been perfect for buffing out contours or use with foundation. I wouldn't say it's super dense but I wouldn't really know. After the first couple of times, I couldn't handle the constant shedding from it. It's a mess! 

Sedona Lace Vortex Brush Set - Eye Brushes

Eye Brushes:

  • Bent Liner - EB19 | How handy! This was perfect for lining my eyes and even creating a cat eye with gel liner and with ease.
  • Universal Blender - EB09 | Just your every day blending brush. I wouldn't say it's better or worse than my Sigma Beauty one but I definitely like having it around. It's great for blending out harsh lines. You can also use this to apply color with as well.
  • Synthetic Blender - EB13 | Now this I likey. This blender is perfect for hitting the crease with color. It always blends out and applies it perfectly. This is definitely a new favorite crease brush.
  • Detailed Shader - EB21 | Brochure says you can use this for lash line or eye duct area because it's perfect for smaller areas. I like using this brush for applying color to that outer v area of your eye. It seems to place it just right.
  • Flat Synthetic - EB11 | This brush is great for apply cream shadows or concealer. 
  • Pointed Crease - EB15 | I don't really use this one that much. It's awesome for cut-crease looks but I don't really do much of those. It's a nice brush to have on hand, ust in case.
  • Angled Detail - EB23 | Another brush I don't use often since I have liquid liners and such but still nice to have. You can use to apply color in the crease (think cut-crease) or line your eyes with.  
Additional Brushes:
  • Capped Lip Brush - LB25 | Ahhh, love this so much! You can actually snap the cap on the back so it becomes a full-sized brush. How amazing this that? This is perfect for my OCC Lip Tars.
  • Brow Spoolie Duo - EB17 | I've been using this two for my eyebrows for the past few months now. The brush is definitely thick and not really for drawing on the eyebrows but more for coloring in. The spoolie is great getting your eyebrows together and in place. I use Benefit gimmeBrow after using these two to fill it in and wa-la: fab eyebrows!
Brush Belt:
I don't really have a huge use for a belt but it's pretty nice to have, just in case. It's extremely nice quality - no fake plastic here. I love all the individual brush spots it has instead of big huge pockets that you shove them in. The belt is adjustable.

Sedona Lace | Shop - Price: $99.95