Tuesday, May 13, 2014
New England has finally realized it's spring got some warmer weather and has me ready for bright lips, maxi dresses and - well, ice cream. I could totally go for some soft serve right now. Twist, anyone? With sprinkles. Oh, yummm-

Focus, Noelle. 

Bright lips! And what a coinky-dink because Inglot recently came out with new Freedom System Matte Lipsticks in 20 new colors - most of them totally summer-worthy. What's the Freedom System? Just the coolest thing ever. You can pick whatever colors you want in whatever size palette you want and comes shipped to you in that palette! Basically, you're making your own custom palette. It's awesome! Inglot also came out with four vibrant Colour Play Lipliners in - you guessed it - fun, bright colors!

Before I get into the colors, I have to talk about the Freedom System Palette. On top of choosing exactly what colors you want to go in it, the palette itself is pretty cool beans. The Inglot-embazed lid is attached magnetically so you can swivel it any which way or even take it off to use your shades and then easily attach it back on with no issues. I don't know what magnets they use, but they are the awesome, sturdy kind that allows you to throw this in your make up bag and not worry about the lid coming off and product going every where. Another cool thing is that all the shades are mixable to create your own custom color. Needless to say, I'm a HUGE fan! 

The Matte Freedom System Lipsticks are made with Macadamia nut oil and avocado butter to protect and hydrate your lips and promises a non-sticky, long lasting formula with an opaque, even matte finish. Phew! That's a tall order to fill, huh? Okay. So don't kill me but I don't know the exact names of these! I know, I know. I searched high and low on the boxes and even tried to match the shades onto the site and couldn't find anything so I wrote what I think they could be according to the site. Don't quote me!
  • 501 - a blood orange matte. Sigh. I had the biggest issue with this shade which always sucks when it's the first in the palette because you're like, "Please don't set the tone." This applied super dry, patchy and was just of bleh for me. It's almost like it wouldn't adhere to my lips and looked like  wash of color rather than being opaque.
  • 502 - a light melon matte. Much better! Way smoother of an application but it did make my lips look slightly dried out within a minute of putting it on. The color is gorgeous and unlike anything I have right now.
  • 507 - a brick red matte. I was convinced this one and the shade next to it in the palette were the same color but looks can be deceiving! Application was smooth and even and my lips felt nice and hydrated.
  • 511 - a cherry popsicle red matte. What a difference! I absolutely love this color. It looks exactly like when you've been sucking on a cherry popsicle and it stains your lips. Gorgeous color, nice application, very easy to work with.
  • 506 - a fun bright pink matte. Another fun color to the palette with again, great application. It was opaque, smooth and felt nice and smooth on my lips.





To apply these, I highly recommend using a lip brush (I'm not really sure how else you could use these). I used the one that came from my Sedona Lace Vortex Set. Unfortunately, the brushes that come with the OCC Lip Tars didn't work. Like, at all. It barely picked up the product. I also recommending exfoliating your lips like crazy before applying. I know that's kind of like the prerequisite when using matte lipsticks but definitely don't skip before using these shades.

The first thing I noticed was the yummy cherry scent all 5 of the shades have. I promise it's not that gross, cherry cough drop scent but actually a fun, summery cherry scent. It's not overpowering at all and goes away once on the lips. 

501 put me in the mindset that it might be a lost cause for this palette. It was a dry, washed out mess. 502 was the sun through the clouds with a unique shade plus easier application but it still picked up on every single dry crack in my lips (after exfoliation!) that I didn't even know I had. 507, 511 and 506 - SA-WOON! Talk about a palette that gets progressively better, huh? These three shades were gorgeous pigmented, super easy to apply and didn't dry my lips upon first contact. 501 and 502's wear time was about three hours. 507, 511 and 506's wear time was about five-six hours.

The Colour Play Lipliners come in four vibrant colors that match perfect with some of the Freedom System shades. Their texture is nice and creamy with a long-lasting effect. The lipliners come equipped with a built-in sharpener at the bottom and wind-up retractable feature.
  • 312 - is a light melon matte. I can't even get over how much I love this pencil. The texture is so creamy yet stiff enough for a precise line. This color is a perfect match for 502 from the Freedom System Palette.
  • 313 - is a bright pink matte. Super creamy and easy to work with.

Top: 312 | Bottom: 313

Basically, I'm freaking out over these liners. They're both so amazing and I plan on buying the other two ASAP.

Swatches: 501, 502, 507, 511, 506 and liners 512 and 513

So what do you think about a make-your-own lip palette? 

Inglot: Liners & Lipsticks | Price: $12 and $9 each
* Free standard shipping on orders of $50 or more.