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#SmoothSummer | When It Counts - Gilette Fusion Proglide Flexball Razor

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If I had to describe my fiance's method to shaving, I'd say there isn't one. (Sorry babe!) I've noticed that there's really no point when he looks in the mirror and says, "Oh yeah, it's totally time to shave." From week to week he can go from Grizzly Adams to clean shaven and back to Willie Robertson. I've been told that he's considered "the man" since he can grow his facial hair pretty fast but I'll have take his word for it.

When I asked him if he wanted to check out a new razor to try out, I expected him to drag his feet on it since I caught him right in the beginning of trying to grow out a beard that would make Zach Galifianakis proud but he surprisingly went.

We went straight to Walmart where we found the Gilette Fusion Proglide Flexball Razor and gave it a try. He says he loves the flexball part because he's able to maneuver the razor in just about any position to get a nice, close shave.  He also has pretty sensitive skin and likes that this razor doesn't break him out. 

Personally, I think whatever makes my fiance happy is what I like to see him in and that I find him attractive with or without facial hair so I really have no personal preference (I just like to break his chops) but I do think that there are times when being clean-shaven is a total must - no ifs, ands or buts.

I recently asked my fiance if he felt the same way. He gave me a list of special occasions or times that should require a smooth face:

When you should have a clean-shaven face:

- Any professional meeting. Whether you're discussing a raise, meeting the owner of the company or going in for an interview, a clean-shaven face is the best face to put forward. A lot of different companies have different rules for facial hair as well as different careers may be more lax with it. Going fresh-faced is playing it safe and definitely covers the base until you can find out if they're cool with your beard.
- Meeting the parents. New girlfriend that you actually like and want to impress her parents? A babyface is the way to go. Some parents are just not down with Duck Dynasty look until they know you better.
- Your wedding. Some people may disagree with this because "the person you're marrying is marrying you for you" but if you show up to your own wedding looking like you haven't seen the sun in a few years - not to mention take a billion pictures like that - your new wife might be a little upset.
- If you can't grow a beard. My fiance likes to call these people "Patches O'Hoolihan" (he says it with love, I promise!)
- But anything goes in November. Apparently, this is the month that you can get away with (almost) anything having to do with facial hair. I give you "No-Shave November". Ladies, does this apply to us as well?

Make sure to check out Hairspray and Highheel's Smooth Faces of Summer Pinterest Board for ideas and inspiration on clean-shaven faces:

So when do you think it's necessary for your fiance/husband/boyfriend to have a clean-shaven face? How does he normally wear his facial hair?

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  1. This was different to see but it was nice to read this review on the razor.

  2. Haha, love his list of reasons to shave! However, your fiance is kinda making fun of MY fiance because he is one of those people who can't grow a beard, haha! It seriously depresses him so bad, he wants to grow a beard in the worst way but it just doesn't happen. Luckily for him, he's in the police academy and works as a security guard, and they're not even allowed stubble. I will have to suggest this razor to him...since he has to shave literally every day without fail, his skin can get sensitive from that. Great review! :)

    1. Oh no! Hahaha, I swear, it's in a good fun! My fiance texted me yesterday and was like, "Way to make me sound like a jerk!"

  3. My husband changes his facial hair quite often, too. I wonder if guys look at it the same way ladies view makeup? One day we're all glammed up, the next more natural? Could that be the equivalent of a smooth shave, then Duck Dynasty?! #client


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