Tuesday, August 19, 2014
Anyone else feel like fall in kind of being forced on them? I mean, I love fall and I may be particularly excited for September this year but "damnnn, Gina". Mornings have been in the 50's and I even heard Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte is coming back early (August 25 - mark your calendars!). I can't even lie. I'm pretty excited about that one. The #typicalwhitegirl in me is like, "YAAAAAAAAS! Now hold on and let me get my North Face and Uggs."

Anywho, just because fall is approaching (apparently, fast!) does not mean you have to cool it down and go all oxblood your nails just yet. These NCLA Pink Flamingo Nail Wraps are the perfect way to keep the summer going until the first leaf drops!

Pink Flamingos is a bright aqua background with hot pink flamingo print all over. The print is a quirky taste of a tropical getaway and I absolutely love it! The collection comes with 26 ultra-thin adhesives and a cute NCLA nail file. The wrap sizes range from wide to small so they fit just about any nail bed. Thumbs up from this chick!

How to apply NCLA nail wraps:

  • Start off with fresh, clean nails and than apply a coat of basecoat (I used NCLA Gloss It!) and let it dry.
  • Find the size that best fits your nail and peel from the sheet by the flap. 
  • Apply the most round part to your cuticle and stretch down until it fits perfectly. I know some are afraid to stretch it because they think it might break, but I promise you it won't. This is the most crucial part to get a nice, flat, flawless nail. 
  • Once you've fit it to your nail, firmly flatten it down starting from the cuticle and pressing your way down to the tip. 
  • Use the nail file in a downward motion to remove any excess wrap left over. Apply another coat of Gloss It! and you're all set! I really like using a coat for Gloss It! over it because it softens the nail wrap (as well as adds a shine to it) so you can go in one last time and press down anything you missed or smooth out any mistakes.
 (Confession: I have toddler hands.)

Tell me those hands don't look like they could belong to a five year old! Anyway, the wraps. What more can I say without looking like I'm obsessed? Because I'm not. I don't look at the website at least once a day, checking out the new designs like these new Semi Precious Metal ones or these End of Summer ones. Cough. No obsession here. It's hard not to be obsessed when something just works SO WELL. I've said it a few times but I absolutely love how easy they are to put on, how well they fit my tiny nail beds and I mean, c'mon, the designs are freakin' adorable. 

NCLA Pink Flamingos | Availability: Online Exclusive - Buy | Price: $16
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