Monday, August 18, 2014

Over the weekend, I went out shopping with my mom to Walmart for stuff for my hospital bag and noticed a whole bunch of "kids" (loosely 18-20 years old which is already numbero uno sign that I'm getting old when that age group are "kids" to me) running around picking out curtains, pillows and comforters. I mean, the home decor section was like, the it place. It was packed. Then I noticed the parents behind them asking if they thought they'd need more towels, "Is this comforter soft enough?", "I think you're going to need more storage." and finally put two and two together: They were getting ready for college! Duh, Noelle.

See, I never went to college but I'd be lying if I said I didn't envy the kids who got to go - just probably not for the reasons you would think. I was always jealous they got to decorate their own little living space and be "grown ups" before buying a house and getting older was even a plausible thought. I don't know how many times I'd visit friends in college and think how cute their mini fridge was or how cool it was that they used their closet for clothes and as a pantry. They were living the life! Then I found out they'd have to share their living space, the bathroom was public and that if I just waited a few (or ten) years, I could have my own space to own - and with bills, to boot! How lucky am I?

I decided to put together my own dorm room necessities (everything is from Walmart!)  if I ever got to have one and hopefully give my college-bound readers (go get 'em, tiger!) some ideas on how you can decorate your own dorm!

MainStays Non-Woven Bins | Buy - The organizer in me says you need these in your life whether you're going to college or not but these are absolutely perfect for a small dorm. Bins are the perfect hiding places to make it look like you don't have a lot of crap laying around when your parents come to visit. They'd look adorable in this ClosetMaid Cubical also at Walmart.

Kleenex Expressions Oval Facial Tissue Chevron Designs | In stores at Walmart - I feel like these are must-haves for forever. Not only are tissues awesome when you're sick but they also come in handy to remove makeup with, quick clean-ups when hand towels aren't around and cleaning your glasses! This adorable print is limited edition to run (don't walk!) to your nearest Walmart and snag a box (or three!).

Keurig Elite K40 Single Serve Coffeemaker Brewing System | Buy - For $100, you can't go wrong with this Keurig. Not only does it come in four different colors (I didn't know they made them in different colors!) but it'll definitely come in handy to have one on those long study nights.

Better Homes & Gardens Baroque Oval Wall Mirror | Buy - I actually own this and can say it's super light, ready to hang and totally adorable! It goes with any type of decor and comes in three other colors.

MainStays Chevron Decorative Pillow | Buy - Chevron is SO in right now. Super comfy, cute pattern - all you need for a night in at the dorm.

Teen Vogue 50x60 Faux Fur Throw | Buy - Sometimes there's just nothing better than a nice, warm throw blanket to remind you of mom's hugs!

7-Piece Back to College Room Decor Solution Set | Buy - This set comes with five different size picture frames, a dry-erase board and a clock! All frames also come with an easel so you have the choice to hang them or put them on a tabletop.

Sandisk CZ60 16GB Cruzer USB | Buy - I may not have gone to college but even I know these are amazing to have. Pictures, projects and more can be saved on one of these babies to free up room for movie downloads on your laptop ;)

Igloo Refrigerator | Buy - You can't forget a mini fridge! Comes in seven different colors and is perfect for keeping snacks and drinks nice and cold. Lock so you don't have to share with your roomie not included.

Round Paper Lantern | Buy - Okay. So maybe there's not a lot of use to come from a paper lantern but buy a few (or ten) and your room will definitely be the cutest around!

So what are your dorm must-haves!?
* This post is sponsored by Kleenex and Walmart but my opinions are always 100% all mine.