Monday, August 11, 2014
Hi loves! Today I have some swatches from Pretty & Polished on the blog! P&P and I go way back and I actually remember when it first started (Jawbreaker anyone!?!) and the insanity that was cart-jacking. If you're just getting into indies now, you've started at a fab time because getting your hands on a popular indie was hardcore, guys. Anywho, I was excited to try some new Pretty & Polished beauties and Chelsea was sweet enough to send me four from various collections. Let's check them out!

Boys Will Be Boys is a thermal polish. When warm, it's a light blue with various hexes but when cold, it turns a slightly darker version of that blue.
Unfortunately, I couldn't catch it on camera! My tips were definitely darker and it looked awesome but it wouldn't show up. Application was a little chunky but Chelsea has said that thermal polishes are thicker due to the pigments used. The hexes were plentiful but were somewhat of a pain to spread out evenly on the nail. This is three coats and there was still a light VNL.

Draximum Security is a blue-tinted polish with blue and red hexes and shards. Inspired by the Guardians of the Galaxy movie.
UGH. So gorgeous! I recommend layering this over something because at three coats, this still showed VNL. I absolutely love, love, love the red shards mixed into this. Super easy to apply and the formula was perfection!

The Gamourous Life is an acid green with red shimmer. Inspired by Guardians of the Galaxy movie.
Another total drool-worthy polish! I'm dying over how neon this is in real life. This is three smooth coats. Again, there's VNL so I recommend applying this over something (maybe even white?) for a nice, opaque look. 

Hootin' and Holoin' is a cranberry holo from the Summer Fun FX Collection.
Ohhhhh baby! I think it's safe to say everyone needs a cranberry holo polish in their life. This is perfect for fall coming up. Super smooth application, amazing formula and this was opaque in like, two coats. AH-MAZING. 

Overall: I'm super impressed with Pretty & Polished's newer polishes. My faves would definitely have to be The Gamorous Life and Hootin' and Holoin'. Both are just so gorgeous! Which ones are your fave?

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