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L.A. Girl Glazed Lip Paints - Swatches & Review

Talk about hard to find! L.A. Girl is basically non-existent where I'm from so I took to to get my fix (and I snagged a set for my readers for an Instagram-only giveaway!). I had heard that they're comparable to the new Too Faced Melted Lipsticks (they're really not but I'll get into that later!) so naturally that peaked my interest as well.

L.A. Girl Glazed Lip Paints are a sweet mix between a lipstick and lipgloss. I absolutely love these hybrids! It has the shine and consistency of a lipgloss but the color intensity of a lipstick. They also contain Vitamin E and peppermint oil (and smell like peppermint too!) to keep your lips nice and moisturized.

So are they Too Faced Melted Lipsticks dupes? Not really. For one, the L.A. Girl Glazed Lip Paints have more of a shiny consistency (if that makes sense) while the Melted Lipsticks are a bit more creamy. Vampy Varnish compared the L.A. Girl Lip Paints to OCC Lip Tars and I totally agree. A little bit goes a long way with both and they have similar consistencies. I also recommend applying these with a lip brush, like the OCC Lip Tars.

(L-R: Blushing, Pin-Up, Babydoll, Coy, Bombshell & Hot Mess)

Blushing is purple-mauve. 
As you can see from the swatch to what it looks like on my lips, it's definitely lighter and pulls more pink on your lips. Application was easy-peasy and the color didn't slide around on my lips. Probably one of my top three faves from this collection! Wear time was 2-3 hours.

Pin-Up is a bright cherry red.
Talk about va-va-voom! A little goes such a long way with these lip paints. I did experience some movement on the lips (as you can see from the pic above) which looked a little patchy close-up. Honestly, in person you couldn't really tell. The other only (minor) issue with this was that it bled. Again, not super noticeable in person but in super hi-def photos, you can't hide a thing! ;) Wear time was a bit longer than Blushing coming in at about 3-4 hours.

Babydoll is a bubblegum pink.
And also makes my top three faves! Just another smooth, even applying lip paint. Loved the color and was surprised how flattering it was on my pale skin. Usually these cool-toned pinks kind of make me look corpse-y but I loved how this one looked. Wear time was 3 hours.

Coy is an in-yo-face-purple.
I'm still a little on the fence about Coy. It's a gorgeous almost fully opaque purple but what's a bummer is that it gets a little patchy and moves around with a minute of putting it on. I recommend the "blotting technique" to get this baby to stay a little longer. Apply once and then lightly blot with toilet paper and then apply again. 

Bombshell is a bright fuchsia. 
I call this "The Liquified MAC Candy Yum-Yum". It's just perfection in every way. Almost fully opaque in one swipe, long wear time (4-5 hours) and so flattering. 

Hot Mess is a tangerine.
A fun and totally wearable orange! I see this being flattering on any skin tone. This isn't really as opaque as the other colors but it does still apply nice and even. 

Overall: For $4 a pop, you can't go wrong with any of these! If you're looking for Too Faced Melted dupes, these aren't them but they are ah-mazing all on their own. My top three faves are Bombshell, Blushing and Babydoll. All have a pretty decent wear time ranging from 2-5 hours.

Which ones are your favorites?

L.A. Girl Lip PaintsBuy - Price: $3.99


  1. I've been wondering if these bleed. Sometimes OCC Lip Tars bleed on me. The new J Cat Wonder Paints bleed on me. One of the Melted lippies bled on me. I can't win. Maybe it's me - I'm getting old LOL! But, I DO want to try these and I love your swatches, and I can't wait to get my hands on them!

    1. Ugh, I hate that! I think I have weirdly large pores around my mouth (or so I tell myself) so that's why even normal lipsticks bleed out :\ What a bummer! Thanks, chickie!

  2. I wish the purple was deeper. Pretty swatches!

    1. Me too! I was bummed it wasn't as opaque as the others.

  3. I just added these to my Amazon wishlist. They look pretty nice but nothing like the Too Faced Melted. :) When I get these, I had better have my barrier pencil at the ready!

  4. I own three of these and I have been loving them. The colors are so pretty and they feel amazing on the lips.

  5. They look nice and light on your lips too!

  6. I like the shades I have and am excited for them to release more this fall!

  7. I love how these look similar to the Melteds but are so so less than them. I think I need to scoop up Bombshell.

  8. I really like all the colors!!

  9. I really need to try these! I really like Hot Mess :)

  10. I like Blushing, but I'd like it more if it was more true to the swatch! All of these colors are pretty. I was hoping to only like one or two of them. But, for the price, I can like more!

  11. I want them all, but especially Blushing!

  12. A lot of people compare these to the Too Faced Melted and IMO they are nothing at all like the same. These seems more runny and not as pigmented. Then again they are like 4x's cheaper too lol.

  13. Great swatches! I agree - nothing like the TF Melted lippies.

  14. Would a lip liner help prevent the bleeding and make the colors pop more? Or did you already try that?

  15. love that you did the lip swatches! I wonder if those waxy clear liners where you line the outside of your mouth to create a barrier would help with bleeding.

    I tested the consistency in stores and they reminded me more of lip tars than the too faced melted lippies!


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