Friday, April 17, 2015
Goodness gracious! It's been a hot minute (I hate that saying)! I've been so busy unpacking and trying to keep up with a seven month old that the ol' blog hasn't gotten as much love as it used to. I have, however, been keeping up with the newest releases and am back with some swatches and a review of ColourPop's new spring line "Pastel Punch". I only grabbed three shadows but I plan on buying the rest of the collection along with their new highlighters when they come out. RIP my poor, poor wallet!

Pastel Punch Flux, Bites & Hello
  • Flux - (a matte light mint green) Oooooh girl.  Mint + matte = one happy chick. While it's a teensy bit on the chalky side, it's still smooth, opaque, easy to work with and blend out. Like with all of ColourPop's shadows, it has the unique consistency of a cream but applies like powder. It's magic, I tell ya!
  • Bites - (a matte white) Finding a nice, opaque white without it fading on the lid is like the unicorn of the beauty world - incredibly hard to find. While this follows in Flux's footsteps and is a bit chalky too, I find it to be perfectly opaque and workable. 
  • Hello - (a matte soft yellow) Sa-woon! This is the most perfect butter yellow. It isn't as opaque in one swipe as the other two but it is buildable. It's also less chalky then Bites and Flux. 
(Flux | Hello | Bites)

A little festival-inspired eye look!
(Inner corner: Hello | Middle lid: Flux | Outer lid: Bites)

Colour PopShop ($5 each)