Sunday, August 16, 2015
Hi babecakes! Today I'm back with my second out of five (I think) reviews on the ColourPop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks (available right meow!). Your girl had to split them otherwise my lips would hate me. In my last review (here), we talked about the "nudes" of the collection and today we are all about those brights! 
Overall, the brights had a little bit of a longer wear time than the nudes (about nine hours). I also noticed that with some of the nudes, you could get away with two thin coats while with these that was near impossible without them getting crumbly once they dried. I would highly recommend not layering these and only applying once until they've fully worn off. I didn't notice any bleeding with any of these shades which is amazing in my book! They were slightly drying, but like I said in my nudes, I wouldn't say they were more drying than any other matte liquid lipsticks I own.

(Excuse the different skin tones - I swear it's all me - but I wanted to make sure the swatches reflected the true color of the shade.)
  • Pacific - a true bright orange. Pacific is one of those shades that just screams summer to me. I would describe it as more of a bright melon. Coordinating lip pencil: Chi Chi 
  • Ouiji - a bright color red. I would describe this as more of a watermelon pink. I have no clue why it's said to be a bright red. Like at all. Maybe pulling a little towards to coral side. Coordinating lip pencil: Trixie
  • Succulent - an electric neon orange-red. Another must-have! Significantly lighter and brighter than Creeper. Coordinating lip pencil: Frenchie
  • Creeper - a true classic blue-toned red. Think Taylor Swift-pin-up-cherry red. While I really love all the shades, this is definitely top five material. I also expected this to bleed going into the wee hours, but am happy to report it didn't! 
  • Avenue - a deep yellow red. An autumn must-have! It's a fun mix of a cherry red and a Bordeaux shade that can be worn all year round! Wait. Do people actually do that? Have shades of lipsticks that they only wear in certain seasons? Yikes. 
Overall: The reds of ColourPop's Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks collection are to die-for! My faves are: Succulent, Avenue and Creeper! Which ones are yours?

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