Wednesday, November 18, 2015
Hey babes! Today I'll be showing you the five Freedom System new matte eyeshadows from the Inglot Matte It Be Collection released last month. This collection also includes four new shades of Inglot's AMC Eyeliner Gels, two new kohl shades and eight new matte O2M nail polishes. Let's check them out!

  • #308 - a matte mulled wine
  • #306 - a matte dark grey.
  • #309 - a matte oyster pink.
  • #307 - a matte light indigo blue.
  • #310 - a matte heather grey.
Overall: I have a confession. I'm SO in love with these Inglot mattes! I'm new to their shadows and can't believe I haven't tried them until now. Instead of reviewing each one, I can honestly just sum up all of them since they all performed the same. Each one was extremely soft and pigmented. I will admit they were a teensy bit on the dry side but it didn't affect the application at all and tends to be the norm with mattes.

(L-R: 306, 309, 307, 310 and 308)

(Middle lid: 309 | Outer and inner lid: 307 | Outer v: 306 | Inner corner: 308 | Lower lid: 310)
(This look will be up this weekend - using Inglot shadows and lipstick!)

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*Press samples