Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Hello my little Stormtroopers! Have you heard?! Rite Aid and CoverGirl are holding a Beauty Sweepstakes that is currently going on right now to November 26th. You can enter via Twitter or Instagram by uploading a photo of YOUR light side or dark side beauty looks using the hashtag #RiteAidBeautyForceSweeps! You must be a follower of @RiteAid at Twitter and Instagram and your account must be public. The two grand prizes winners will receive CoverGirl Star Wars products worth $360!

Here is my take on the Jedi look created by the ever-so-talented Pat McGrath for CoverGirl. I was going for a more wearable Jedi look (well, can't say I thought I'd ever say that!), complete with a hair braid headband. Legit. My fiance came out of the room and was like, "Is that your hair across your forehead?" I was like, "Yes. My Jedi would totally rock this." and then he walked away from me. Pff. Men.

Products used for this look!

  1. First things first, we're going to prime our eyelid with our favorite primer. This helps eyeshadows stick to the lid without creasing and moving throughout the day. It also helps neutral out our lid.
  2. Next we're taking #3 from the CoverGirl Notice Me Nudes Eyeshadow Quad and we're popping that into our crease. Depending on how much drama you're looking for, you can take this up above your crease or just leave it in the crease and blend it out.
  3. Now we're going to take #2 from the same quad and using a flat shade brush, we're going to pat the shadow on the sides of our lids but leave the middle as empty as you can.
  4. Next we're going to take #1 from the same quad and pat that into the middle of our lid and very gently blend it out.
  5. We're going to add some dimension to this look by adding #4 into our outer v of our eye and blend it into our crease.
  6. I wanted a little lightness in my inner corner so I just took #2 on my ring finger and patted that into my inner corner.
  7. Moving onto my lower lid, I took #4 onto the outer part of my bottom lid and blended that into #3 towards the inner corner.
  8. (Optional) Take a cotton ball with makeup remover and wipe away any glitter fall out under your eyes.
  9. Finishing up on the eyes, take the CoverGirl Star Wars Super Sizer Mascara and coat your lashes to your liking. I personally like to apply a little more mascara on the outer edges of my lashes to give the illusion of more volume. (Optional: I added false lashes to my look on top)
  10. Lastly, apply the CoverGirl Star Wars Colorlicious Lipstick in Gold and go kick some butt! :)

Looking for inspiration? Make sure to check out CoverGirl's Tumblr for ideas! I can't wait to see your looks! :) Good luck, dolls!

* Sponsored by Rite Aid & CoverGirl.