Wednesday, November 11, 2015
Hi babes! Today I'll be reviewing YoungBlood Mineral Cosmetics Perfect Pair Duos in Charismatic, Virtue, Graceful and Desire - part of their Holiday Collection!

YoungBlood Cosmetics started when creator Pauline Youngblood, working as an aesthetician, noticed that her patients had severely traumatized skin from harsh laser treatments, acne, cosmetic surgeries and rosacea and had little options when it came to makeup that wouldn't clog their skin. Pauline worked with chemists to come up with natural mineral cosmetics that would cover raw, inflamed and/or discolored skin while still letting it breathe. In 1996, YoungBlood Cosmetics was born!

  • English Tea - a matte chocolate brown. I need to just warn you guys now. All of these shadows are amazing! So get ready for a whole bunch of "amazing" "super" gorgeous" and "ajsdkasjdksad" in these reviews. But seriously. English Tea is everything I could ask for in a velvety smooth chocolate brown matte. So buttery soft, opaque and little fall out.
  • Calla Lilly - a shimmery light peach champagne. Can I just marinade in this shade? Is that weird? Calla Lilly is stunning. Again, incredibly opaque and so, so soft. This is a gorgeous highlight as well!
  • Pink Rose - a light pink matte. I was expecting this to be really chalky but was very surprised with how soft and smooth it applied. It also held its own which is hard sometimes to do when you have a light matte. Sometimes they can kind of fade, especially when blending with another shadow. Pink Rose is very opaque (although you probably can't see it since it's basically my skin tone) and smooth to apply.
  • Iris - a dark purple satin. Can we just talk about this for a second. Hello! Iris is a gorgeous opaque, pigmented smooth-as-buttah shade that is just so, so stunning. It also blends out like a dream!
  • Pure -  a white matte. I always get nervous around matte whites because they almost always never play nice. They're usually dry, chalky and fade after a few hours of wear. Not for Pure! Pure is incredibly opaque for a white matte and no where near chalky. In fact, it's smooth like the others and applies very well with no kick up.
  • Passionate - a shimmery maroon with a subtle gold duochrome. When I opened the compact and saw this, I knew it was going to be awesome! I can't even begin to describe how smooth this was to apply. It is jam packed with pigmentation and is opaque with one swipe! This applied like a dream!
  • Apricot - a bright peach shimmer. I can't get enough of this. Slightly more peach-ier than Calla Lilly from the Charismatic duo. So buttery soft and smooth to apply.
  • Azure - a sea blue satin. I drool over this blue! Again, buttery soft, no fall out and so nice to apply. I can't get over how opaque and how it didn't sheer out over the course of the day. 
L-R: Graceful, Desire, Virtue and Charismatic

Can you guys tell I'm a huge fan? I'm almost positive this post could've turned into a drinking game for the amount of times I said "buttery soft" and "amazing". There's nothing better when you love a company's product and they love you back. As you can read from how YB got started, they really care about their customers. That being said, I absolutely loved all four of these duos and highly recommend checking them out!

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