Tuesday, September 5, 2017
This post is sponsored by A Complete but all opinions are my own.

Happy Friday, guys! Isn't it funny? The most common product I get sent is skincare. It's a blessing and a curse. Blessing because I wholeheartedly believe that great skin starts with great skincare (and hi, I'm so thankful that I am lucky enough to have things sent to me!). It's also a curse because I can receive so much that I feel like they don't get a lot of "try time". For me, a skincare product should be tested at least a month before it goes up on the blog. Honestly, a lot of products don't even start "working" until a month out. For bloggers that don't take that into consideration, I feel like reviews can be misconstrued.

Every once awhile, though, there comes a product that has immediate results and today, I'm excited to share with you the A Complete Youth Preserve Deep Cleanser ($28) - one of those type of products! I know that they're sponsoring this post but if you want the real truth, I wasn't so sure about this cleanser. I mean, yes, it cleanses the skin but what makes this one so special?

For one, it's soap-free! That's great news for my sensitive babes who might have issues with exfoliant cleansers as that can be a huge irritant. Second, it contains a natural marine ingredient that hydrates and plumps up your skin which is always a plus when it comes to a cleanser. I don't know about you guys but often, when I use a cleanser, my skin might feel clean afterwards but also can feel a little dry and "stripped", so to speak.

Let me show you guys how I use it and then I'll let you know my thoughts at the bottom.

  • First things first, I like to go in with a makeup removing wipe and wipe off as much makeup as possible first. I know some people just use a cleanser to remove everything but when you use a cleanser like the A Complete Youth Preserve Deep Cleanser that contains an exfoliant, you really don't want to use this to use this around that delicate area.
  • I like to dampen my face first before I use a cleanser (just a personal preference) and then dot the A Complete Youth Preserve Deep Cleanser on my forehead, nose, each cheek and chin. Next, I rub the cleanser into my skin in gentle, outward motions. The consistency of this cleanser is nice, lightweight cleanser and to be honest, if I didn't know it was an exfoliant, I'd never be able to tell.
  • I hate rinsing my face with splashes of water (no matter how hard I try, water gets EVERYWHERE!) so I like to soak a facecloth with cold water and gently rub the cleanser off.

My thoughts? Wow. Okay. I wasn't expecting that. I'm pretty sure this just hit holy grail status. Yeah, I went there. I admit, this needs a few weeks to establish  (and I will definitely update you guys!) but I'm blown away by the immediate results. 

Most cleansers I've used leave my skin feeling "stripped" and by the next day, it almost seems like my face dries out in retaliation. The A Complete Youth Preserve Deep Cleanser had a totally different feel. Once I dried my face, my skin - particularly, my forehead - felt so incredibly smooth. Even though I couldn't feel the exfoliant when I applied it, it must be like an invisible ninja because baby, it was workin'! 

The next day, my skin felt like a baby's butt. No joke, guys. I'm still trying to wrap my head around this one. No breakouts, no oily-ness, no nothing - just smooth, soft skin. So far, I'm impressed and highly recommend this but I'll return to this post in a few weeks for a better update so stay tuned.

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This post is sponsored by A Complete but all opinions are my own.