Wednesday, September 13, 2017
Phew. That title is a mouthful. Also, I'm sure by the time this post goes live, I'll be like, five launches behind. ColourPop never quits! Edit: They've already come out with a new palette and have a new release on Friday.

I snagged the three biggest launches in the hopes that I can share my thoughts and let you guys know if they're hits or misses and if they're worth the insanity of waiting for the restocks and then trying to grab them before they sell out again.

  • Pressed Bronzer in Afternoon Delight ($8) - Described as a medium golden brown, this bronzer is way to orange-y for this pale babe's skin. I definitely should've snagged CA Dreaming instead. Total error on my behalf but I wanted to add that in for anyone with a skintone like mine. Moving on, consistency is very nice. It's soft and pigmented; a little swipe goes a long way. The consistency is very similar to Urban Decay's Bronzed bronzers.
  • Pressed Highlighter in Here, Kitty Kitty ($8) - Don't even finish this review, just throw this baby in your cart now. Here Kitty Kitty is a gorgeous warm ivory that I'm pretty sure would look amazing on every skintone. Like the pressed bronzers, this highlighter is soft and pigmented but has a bit more glitter in it than your average highlighter. If you're looking for a glow-within type of highlight, this isn't it. This is more WHA-BAM!
  • Pressed Highlighter in Si'l Vous Play ($8) - Si'l Vous Play is the iciest of highlighters with a silver base - perfect for my palest of pale babes. Again, it's soft and buttery but a little messy with the shimmer. Like Here Kitty Kitty, this isn't a natural glow but more of a, "OH HEY NASA, CAN YOU SEE ME FROM YOUR SATELLITE?"

  • No Filter Concealers in Fair Neutral 10, Light Neutral 15 and Medium Tan 35 ($6) - Probably the biggest launch of all - concealers! And amazing concealers, at that. I snagged Fair Neutral (with cool undertones), Light Neutral (with peach undertones) and Medium Tan (for bronzing). Each one is smooth and pigmented - a little goes a looooooong way. Apparently, they're formulated with "soft blurring pigments" which, while I'd like to know what these mystery pigments are, I agree with. They're full coverage and blend out effortlessly. One problem: they immediately oxidize. Like, apply and within a few minutes, it's a smidge of a shade darker. It's frustrating for those that are looking for "that exact match" type of concealer, but for the most part, it's workable. 
  • Rose Quartz Crystal Priming Spray ($6) - Priming sprays aren't normally in my makeup routine but I was pretty intrigued with the hydrating elements in this and your girl is alllll about that hydration. According to the website, it contains "Rose Quartz crystal, apple extract for hydration, grapefruit extract for antioxidants and vitamins to reduce radicals on the skin, olive oil-derived moisturizer for a dewy finish and a pink grapefruit fragrance". The spray is very dense and might have big droplets so I definitely recommend following the directions and spraying about a full arm's length away. With all of that being said, I really liked this. My makeup stayed on well all day but note that I am not particularly dry or oily where those factors would come out at the end of the day.
  • Aquamarine Crystal Setting Spray ($6) - I'm always on the lookout for a great setting spray! According to the site, this spray contains "Aquamarine crystal, film former to keep your makeup in place, natural red algae extract to improve suppleness and hydration, apple extract for hydration, olive oil-derived moisturizer for a dewy finish with a pink grapefruit scent." While I feel like the priming spray isn't a necessity, the setting spray, on the other hand, is awesome! If I'm looking to intensify my eyeshadow or highlighter, a few quick sprays of this onto my brush and I'm good to go. This felt very lightweight and held my makeup very nicely.
  • Pressed Highlighters
  • No Filter Concealers
  • Aquamarine Crystal Setting Spray