Thursday, November 9, 2017
Hey, hey, hey babearoonis! I hope you're having a fabulous week so far. Today, we'll be talkin' alllllll about a new palette I snagged last week from HUSH - the Bad Habit Beauty Aphrodite Palette

Have you checked out HUSH? I had no clue what the heck it even was but always saw the ads on FaceBook. I decided to stalk check out their social media and found that they're a legit company straight out of California and have some really great deals on well known beauty companies (like Dr. Jart, L.A.Girl, W7, Japonesque, etc.) as well as some brands I've never heard of but are totally up my alley (Bad Habit Beauty, Face Candy, etc.). It's a good mix of both!

The Bad Habit Beauty palettes seem to be the hottest items on the site but they were always selling out. The hype always gets me, guys. I eventually snagged the Aphrodite Palette which is supposed to be a super close match to the HUDA Beauty Rose Gold Palette that is rumored to be discontinued soon (still available on Sephora right now!). Guys, HUSH's shipping is INSANE. I bought the palette one day, shipped the next day and arrived within two days. What the what!? I'll definitely be buying from HUSH again!

XO, Noelle Bad Habit Beauty Aphrodite Palette Swatches Review HUSH app HUDA Beauty

The Bad Habit Beauty Aphrodite Palette ($10) is "inspired by the Greek goddess of love and beauty" and features 18 warm shades of pinks and reds, browns and golds in mattes, pearls and metallic finishes. This palette is cruelty-free. It comes with a full mirror on the top half of the palette which is always a huge plus with me. It makes it so much more easier to tuck in my bag and go!

  • Sparks - a bright gold metallic.
  • Tease - a light champagne pearl.
  • Admire - an camel tan matte.
  • Flirt - a matte cool-toned pink.
  • Lust - a bold maroon matte.
  • Romance - a warm reddish-brown matte.
  • Adore - a copper metallic.
  • Crush - a sweet pink with gold reflects (almost a duochrome) pearl.
  • Passion - a gray matte.
  • Blushing - a dusty pink matte.
  • Seduction - a matte dark brown.
  • Jealousy - a bordeaux matte.
  • Infatuation - a smokey bronze metallic.
  • Beauty - a rose gold metallic.
  • Euphoria - a blackened gold metallic.
  • Love - a cranberry metallic.
  • Coy - a light cream matte.
  • Heartbreak - a rich black matte.

Let's talk about the shades:

Metallics (Sparks, Adore, Infatuation, Beauty, Euphoria and Love): When I think of a metallic shadow, in general, I think silky smooth, pigment-rich shades. The texture of these six shades was somewhat chunkier than expected and slightly dry but still well pigmented. Upon research, I saw that the HUDA Beauty Rose Gold Palette also had this issue. I found that dampening my brush with a setting spray helped tremendously and highly suggest doing that before using these shades for the best results.

Moving onto the pearls (Tease and Crush): Both shades were a smidge dry but beautifully pigmented and wore nicely.  I would almost describe Crush as a duochrome because those gold reflects really shift in the right lighting. Tease is a gorgeous inner corner highlight shade.

Lastly, the mattes (Admire, Flirt, Lust, Romance, Passion, Blushing, Seduction, Jealousy, Coy and Heartbreak): I always feel like with mattes, you're either going to get super dry or super pigmented, there's no in between - except with these. All the mattes were a tiny bit dusty but completely workable and pigmented. Blushing and Flirt seemed to sheer out once blended but were able to be built up. Probably the most pigmented was Heartbreak (which is kind of unheard). Matte blacks always seem to be lacking but Heartbreak was a a nice, rich black that blended beautifully. I also really enjoyed playing with Lust and Passion, as they were super pigmented and blended nicely as well.

Is it a dupe of the HUDA Beauty Rose Gold Palette? Unfortunately, I don't own the HUDA Beauty Rose Gold Palette ($65) but upon some research on it, I've read there are a few similarities:
  • The metallics in both palettes perform the same. Both formulas are on the chunkier side, pigmented, work better when wet, extreme fall out when used dry.
  • The mattes in both shades were on the drier side, with some problematic shades blending out to nothing but for the most part, perform well.
Unfortunately, that's all I can conclude without actually owning the HUDA Beauty palette. Keep in mind, though, that the Aphrodite Palette is only $10 but seems to perform on par with the Rose Gold Palette which will run you $65. Something to think about when shopping ;)

(Lid: Infatuation, Crease: Passion and Admire, Outer V: Heartbreak, Inner corner: Tease)

Overall, if you're looking for a palette that has the same shades as the HUDA Beauty Rose Gold Palette while saving $55, then look no more! Do they perform better than HUDA? Unfortunately, I can't say but through the research that I have done, it seems that these shadows seem to perform on par which is pretty damn impressive, if you ask me!

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