Friday, May 4, 2018
School is back in session! Welcome to my second "class" from my Beauty School'd series, guys! If you missed it or want to catch up, my first in the series was all about how to clean your makeup brushes (and sponges)!

Today, I'll be sharing with you my tips and tricks to a foolproof winged ("cat eye") liner! I don't know about you guys but any time I used to do my makeup, I'd honest to God sit there and weigh the pro's and con's of adding a winged liner to my look because 9/10 it was probably not going to go too well and I was going to end up ruining my entire look. 💀

First things first, go ahead and get your eyeshadow on, guys!
  • 1. Once you have on your eyeshadow, what I like to do next is "clean up" any eyeshadow that has ventured farther out than I'd like it to with some concealer. This is also where I lay down the line of the angle I want my liner. Basically, I'm "practicing" my liner with concealer instead. Does that make sense?
  • 2. Once I've applied the concealer and "drawn out" the angle of my liner, so to speak, I'm going to blend the concealer down and let it dry before going in with my actual liner.
  • 3. Once the concealer is dry, I'll take my liquid eyeliner and right where that concealer line is, I'll draw one black line (or the beginning of the wing) right over it.
  • 4. Next, I will gently line the lash line with little "dashes" until they all connect. The name of the game is to go nice and slow until you get the hang of it.
  • 5. Now for the trickiest part (at least for me): connecting the lash line to the wing. I take this part SUPER slow. Where the last "dash" on your lash line is, I take my liquid liner and ever so lightly, draw a line out to the wing, about 1/3 down from the tip.
  • 6. Easiest part? Coloring it in. Hands down.
  • 7. Mistakes happen. Winged liner is ruthless, y'know? So if your line isn't sharp enough to your liking, once your liner has dried, take a full coverage concealer and a thin brush and clean it up.
  • 8. And then blend the concealer down. I actually like to do my eyeshadow before any face makeup for this reason. That way, I can blend my foundation and all that and you won't be able to see the clean up concealer.
  • 9. Ta-da! A sharp winged liner! Can I breathe now? I swear I stop breathing every time I do my liner. 

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