Wednesday, September 26, 2018
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We're a few days into it officially being fall and the cool weather has shown up - not that I'm complaining! It's been nice to have to put on a jacket. Speaking of, fave jacket? Hands down, I love cargo jackets in the fall. Anyone else?

PS. I always keep it real with you guys so a little behind the scenes secret: I was not feeling myself in this. I really want to bring more style and fashion posts to my blog. I'm normally not one to let anything get to me but...I had to use my tripod (usually Ant takes my pictures), couldn't get it to sit straight (one of the boys broke one of the legs), my shirt rolled up unbeknownst to me and I didn't have enough butter for all my belly rolls.

Truth is, I wasn't even going to post this. I did let it get to me. I thought about how companies might see this and think that I wouldn't be a good candidate to work for them because my shirt has fuzzies on it, I totally have a double chin and my belly hangs low (does it wobble to and fro?) without Spanx.  I thought others would think, "GIRL. NO." I let this post simmer in drafts for a few days, tearing myself apart, every day on how I didn't look like everyone else.

So here's a big middle finger to myself for doing all of that for no reason because I'm posting it anyway, you jerk.

Let's talk details, shall we?

  • Camo tees? Yes, please! The one I'm wearing (don't buy here - it's cheaper in store!) is from TJ Maxx ($9.99) but I searched camo tees on the site and quite a few came up that were cute that are around the same price point. I love TJ Maxx but it's so tough finding the same shirt online to share.
  • I saw this Max Factor cargo jacket ($49) last year at Marshall's but didn't grab it so I was happy to find that it was back in stores again this year. Cargo jackets are my jam. They're heavy but also lightweight (I swear, that makes sense) and with a hidden drawstring to pull in the waist? Gimme, gimme!
  • Favorite pair of jeans ever? That would have to be these Universal Thread high waisted button ups ($27.99). This darker pair are also super cute and cheaper at $24.99!
  • Booties are from Vince Camuto and were on sale at TJ Maxx for $24! They're from last year but I always see cheap Vince Camuto's there.