Monday, October 8, 2018
"It's the mosttttt wonderful timeeeee of the year." Wrong song but totally right holiday! Halloween is my most favorite time of the year. The cool weather, trick or treating, apple picking, the Halloween makeup - I love it all!

I've been creating looks for Halloween on the blog for a few years now. This year, I really wanted to focus on easy looks that anyone can do with simple steps and not have to spend a lot of money to get the look, y'know? 

Here's my first look! The gaunt ghoul, although this can be the base makeup for so many other looks. Add fangs and you have a vampire! Add some bandage wrap and you have a mummy! The possibilities are endless.

Let's get spooky!

First things first, go ahead and apply your normal foundation routine. If you want to add a little eeriness to it, you can use a wet sponge and lightly dip it into a wet n wild White Paint Pot and lightly dab it all over to give yourself a white cast.

Next, take a big fluffy crease brush and take a dark grey eyeshadow and apply it right onto your dark circles. Yup, use those babies as an outline! The best part? You can be as messy as you want. Absolutely no precision. Make sure to apply on your lid and crease as well. You can use a light brown shadow and lightly buff it into the outer parts for a more dimensional look but it's not necessary.

Take the same dark grey shadow and pop it right underneath your cheekbones for a gaunt look. Start light, concentrating the darkest part towards your ear (hopefully that makes sense). Make sure to blend down, to create a shadow of your "gauntness".

We're almost done! Next, taking that same dark grey eyeshadow, pop some on your lips. I used my finger and lightly dabbed it into the middle and blended out.

Truthfully, you can stop there and look gruesome but I wanted to add a little somethin' different. I popped in these Pinky Princess Eurasia Contacts in Crystal Grey ($10.71) but I wanted to take it up a notch. Taking a black eyeshadow, a smaller pencil brush and some water, I created some black tears. I took the brush, dipped it in some water and then popped it into some black eyeshadow, brought it close to the eye and let it drip down. It might not seem very dark at the time but once it dries, it darkens and looks pretty dang cool!