Friday, October 19, 2018
Thank you so much to Coty for sending me this perfume.

Leave it to Katy Perry to create a unisex fragrance that smells divine - and has a great message behind it. In a time where we could use a little hope and a kind message, even from an unlikely place like a perfume, Katy's new fragrance, Indi Visble is here to celebrate unity and to blur boundaries that divide us all the while promoting our uniqueness.
Indi Visible is described from Katy Perry herself as, “a beautiful extension of the Indi fragrance with sexy musks, fresh florals and warm woods, but its essence is about celebrating your individuality to stand out in the crowd, but also using that individuality to make each other stronger."

Let's talk packaging (you guys know this is my fave)! The bottle is very unisex with a simple rectangle body with the words, "PUT THE U IN INDIVIDUAL" on the sides and a chunky grey cap. Sometimes less is more!

This fragrance itself is right up my alley as I enjoy musky, woodsy, "warm" scents, if you will. It has such a sweet mix of that with a little sugar to it. The base consists of sandalwood, patchouli and musk. I know what you're thinking and I promise you it's not strong. The top notes include pink pepper, plum, vanilla and rum. Yum! Heart notes are coconut, gardenia and tonka bean. All of these are beautifully blended and don't let the base notes overpower anything. It's impressive!

This is truly one of the prettiest fragrances I've smelled in a long time. I like to spritz a little on my wrist and do a small "spray and walk into it" thing (anyone else do that?).

You can find Katy Perry's Indi Visble at your local Walgreens, 

What type of fragrance do you wear?